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The East African Breweries Limited (EABL) Foundation supports applications, which demonstrate the following:

  • Partnerships with community groups and charities rather than individuals
  • Excluded or disadvantaged people who with support can help themselves to transform their own lives
  • Where the EABL involvement can make a significant measurable difference
  • Kick-start funding to get East African Breweries Ltd. businesses and people involved locally

    The main areas normally considered being outside the Foundation's guidelines are:

  • Political or groupings, religious or ethnic groups, individual interests e.g. school fees or hospital bills
  • Those that are primarily associated with persons under the legal drinking age (below 18years)
  • Those that cannot be linked to a credible source, are linked to disrepute and history of problems
  • Do not have clear objectives and transparency
  • Event or donation that is not linked to a financially needy cause
  • Those that do not comply with our self-regulatory marketing code of practice, our business code of conduct and our Community Investment Policy

    If you wish to apply, please write to EABL Foundation providing details of the project, how it relates to EABL Foundation focus areas and the amount of funding required.

    Use a proposal format and keep it brief and concise, preferably no more than 3 pages.

    EABL Foundation's Focus Area:

    1. Water of Life

    In reaction to this, EABL Foundation has teamed up with various agencies in the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable water supply.

    2. Skills for Life

    This initiative enables people and communities to fulfill their potential and improve their life prospects. EABL accorded this focus area unreserved attention by applying a significant investment in the university education of bright but needy students.

    3. Environmental conservation

    EABL aims to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance, concentrating our efforts on areas of greatest impact at our manufacturing, distribution points.

    EABL environmental policy ensures that all of our facilities are challenged to keep improving their performance in these areas.

    4. Special Projects

    Emergency incidences that attract national attention and which the Group deems that it would add value to the community if contributions were made to this cause.

    The Grants are open to applicants in the East African Region.

    Please send your applications to: The EABL Foundation Manager, EABL Foundation, East African Breweries Limited, P.O Box 30161 00100 Nairobi, Tel: +254 020 8644000, Email: eablfoundation[at]eabl.com

    For further details, and application materials, contact: EABL Foundation Grants Website

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