Dubai International Awards

The Award reflects the policy and commitment of Dubai Government and the United Arab Emirates towards sustainable development of the human settlements and protection of the environment on the basis of mutual international cooperation.

The Dubai International Awards for Best Practices in the living environment are made every two years.

Submissions shall be sent to either UN-HABITAT or Dubai Municipality, or any recognized Best Practice partner institution.

Award Criteria:

  • Impact: A best practice should demonstrate a positive and tangible impact on improving the living environment of people particularly the poor and disadvantaged
  • Partnership: Best Practices should be based on a partnership between at least two of the actors.
  • Leadership in inspiring action and change, including change in public policy.
  • Initiatives which: accept and respond to social and cultural diversity; promote social equality and equity, for example on the basis of income, gender, age and physical/ mental condition; and recognise and value different abilities.
  • Innovation within local context and transferability.
  • Tangible impact resulting from the transfer of one or more of the following: ideas, skills, processes, knowledge or expertise, and technology;

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