Douglas Waudo; Far From Home - Confessions of a Foreign Student

Douglas Waudo got the idea of writing Far From Home - Confessions of a Foreign Student from the view to the fact that so little is known about foreign students – that is their lives, hopes, worries, fears, experiences, guilty pleasures, mistakes and lessons learnt.

Born in 1981 at Trans Nzoia District, Rift Valley Province in Kenya, Douglas got his primary education at Sitatunga Primary School and his secondary Education at St Joseph’s Boys High School, Kitale.

He has a diploma in Mass Communication from the Institute for Communication studies and Development (INCOSAD).

He also has a diploma in Multimedia studies from Aloysius Institute of Computer Science, Mangalore India and a certificate in Digital Media Studies from Media Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.

At the time of writing this Novel, Douglas was a third year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Journalism and minoring in Literature at St.

Aloysius College affiliated to Mangalore University, India.

He has also written two theses on Women’s Issues in Relation to the Mainstream Media in Kenya and Communication style in Kenyan Literature: An Analysis.

He has also been extensively involved in the field of Journalism both in Kenya and in India.

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