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Dissertation and Young Investigator Grants: The Johann Jacobs Foundation operates Dissertation and Young Investigator Grants in Adolescence and Youth Research.

The Foundation runs a competitive grant program for empirical research investigations conducted either as dissertation projects or as young investigator projects.

These programs are directed toward investigators from Eastern European and Third World countries.

The foundation offers funding for research on human development of educational and policy programs aimed at improving the mental, social, and physical well being of youth.

Fields covered include the behavioral, educational, and social sciences. Request for information must be submitted with certain information which can be attained on the website, by email, or by calling the foundation.

Dissertation grants are available to pre-doctoral students whose dissertation proposal has the approval of a dissertation mentor or committee.

Funds up to USD 5’000 are available for materials, subject fees, research assistance, and other expenses required for conducting the study, analyzing data, presenting the results at conferences, or other forms of technical support.

Personal stipends (salaries) are not covered by the grant program.

Submission deadlines for Full Research Proposals are three times per year: February 1st, June 1st and October 1st. Applicants receive a response within three months.

The Initial Request should be sent to: Jacobs Foundation, Seefeldquai 17, P.O. Box CH-8034 Zurich, Switzerland. E-mail: jf [at] jacobsfoundation.org.

For more information see; Dissertation and Young Investigator Grants website

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