Design of Emblem Competition

The Intergovernmental Committee decided that the Convention needs an emblem to give greater visibility to intangible heritage and its safeguarding (Decision 2.COM 13: English | French).

This emblem will be chosen by means of an open international competition, overseen by a special subsidiary body set up by the Committee.

The members of that body are: Algeria (Group V(b)), Bolivia (Group III), Bulgaria (Group II), France (Group I), India (Group IV) and Nigeria (Group V(a)), with Mr Chérif Khaznadar of France serving as Chairperson and Mr Eduardo Barrios of Bolivia serving as Rapporteur.

UNESCO is now announcing a competition for the design of an emblem that best reflects the purposes and spirit of the Convention.

UNESCO invites entries from professional and amateur graphic designers, artists, and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage from all its Member States.

Each participant may submit a single design, including a black and white and a colour version. The deadline for submissions to reach UNESCO has been extended til 17 March (17:00, Central European Time).

At its third session in Istanbul, the Committee will select the winning design and award it with a prize of US$15,000. This will then serve as the Convention’s official emblem.

Conditions for participation

The present competition is open to all, including graphic professionals, artists and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage.

The candidates participate in their private and personal capacity.

Proposals from minors must be submitted by a person having legal responsibility for them.

Wishing for all regions of the world to participate, UNESCO encourages proposals from professional or amateur graphic designers, artists, and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage from both developing and developed countries.

Selection criteria:

The emblem should satisfy the following requirements:

a. Basic criteria:

  • Symbolize the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage;
  • Not be offensive to any sensitivities, be they of national, cultural or religious character;
  • Include, in English and/or French, the text: “Intangible Cultural Heritage” or “Patrimoine culturel immatériel”.

    b. Conceptual criteria for appreciation :

  • Pertinence/relevance – for all regions of the world – in relation to the Convention ;
  • Quality and originality of its visual presentation;
  • Aesthetic value.

    c. Formal criteria for appreciation :

  • Readability and immediate identification;
  • Easiness of exploitation, transposition and adaptation (in particular for electronic media, for reproduction on small surfaces, use in colour, positive and negative).

    If submitted in electronic format as preferred, the proposal should respect the following specifications:

  • TIFF, JPEG ou PDF file format
  • Colour and black & white versions
  • File size not to exceed 1 Mb for each version (e.g., two files up to 1 Mb or one file up to 2 Mb)

    For further information, please write to ich-emblem[at]

    For further details, and application materials, contact: Design of Emblem Competition

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