Dartmouth General Fellowships

These awards may be used for graduate study or projects either in the U.S. or abroad.

Applicants must submit evidence of financial need as well as academic merit, and a well-conceived program of graduate study, independent research, or creative project.

Preference is given to graduating seniors and to alumni/ae beginning their first year of graduate study.

Awards are for post-graduate study or projects only.

Applications for projects or study already completed will not be considered.

Applications for law and business schools are discouraged; applications for medical school are not accepted.

The current stipend of the fellowship is up to $5,500 which may vary, taking into account the applicant's need and other available sources of support, such as fellowships and assistantships from graduate schools.

Awards are for one year only and are not renewable.

Students who have previously received a Dartmouth Reynolds Scholarship are ineligible.

Applicants may be U.S. citizens or foreign students.

Scholarships will not be granted for postdoctoral study.

Graduating seniors and recent alumni/ae are eligible for this award;

Preference will be given to applicants up to five years beyond graduation Requests for support of dissertation research for U.S. graduate programs will not usually be considered.

Deadline: 1st March

For more information and application, visit: Dartmouth General Fellowships Website