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The Danish Embassy frequently receives requests for assistance from Kenyan and Danish (performing) artists in the field of development of art and music and exhibitions in museums and the like.

The Embassy feels the need to work with local (Kenyan) and Danish performing artists and cultural organisations to promote cultural exchange between the individuals, arts groups and/or cultural organizations and through this also strengthen the public diplomacy and communication efforts of the Embassy which are very important as per the latest strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

As part of the projected milestones, the project intends to help individuals, art groups or organizations in the area of culture; engage both Kenyan and Danish people in cultural exchange; to create public diplomacy and communication through cultural activities.

The implementation period of the project should not exceed 1 ½ years.

Grant applications for this Danish Culture Fund will be received and reviewed by Sarakasi, being the contracted consultant in charge of disbursement, monitoring and evaluation.


  • To promote cultural exchange and collaboration between the peoples of Kenya and Denmark;
  • To create awareness about Denmark in Kenya through cultural activities;
  • To actively use cultural activities for public diplomacy;
  • To achieve networking among Kenyan and Danish artists.

    Project Output/Outcome:

  • Better cultural cooperation between the artists of the two countries;
  • Bring cultural organizations of the two countries closer to each other;
  • Create better understanding through cultural activities;
  • Help individuals, arts groups or organizations to carry out performances or cultural activities.

    Grant Application Procedure :

    Grants should not exceed Kshs 1,400,000. Grants may be requested by local groups or individuals who will have to complete the application form.

    The primary conditions for funding are:

  • The proposed activity should include elements of cultural exchange between Denmark and Kenya as per above objectives;
  • Innovation, quality and creativity;
  • Grants may support any part of the creative, performance or presentation process;
  • At the end of your project, you will be required to write a narrative and financial report to be submitted within 3 months after completion of the project;
  • You will be requested to sign an agreement with the Danish Embassy;
  • You will get feedback within 6 weeks after submission of your proposal via e-mail.

    Application deadlines:

  • 31st December
  • 30 April
  • 31 August

    Note that if you do not make a certain deadline your application will have to be re- entered for the next available deadline by you

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