Curatorial Internship Programme

The Spier Contemporary is the largest biennial contemporary art exhibition and competition in South Africa.

It has been conceived to provide a platform for visual and performance artists to show their work, uncompromised by the limitations of technology, space and access.

The core objectives of the Spier Contemporary are to:

  • Create a large-scale national exhibition, which genuinely reflects the diversity of the visual and performance arts community living in South Africa;
  • Develop new audiences and markets for artists, who do not normally have access to such a large pool of potential buyers;
  • Access new audiences and develop their respective appreciation of a spectrum of artistic forms; and
  • Provide training and development for visual and performing artists and curators.

    The Curatorial Internship Programme is open for applications

    As part of its mandate to provide training and development, the Spier Contemporary is launching a Curatorial Internship Programme.

    The Spier Contemporary Curatorial Internship Programme is a free programme that will run part-time for a year.

    The course will combine theoretical and practical training in Curatorial Studies.

    The programme will be implemented by artist and curator Clive van den Berg and TRACE, an exhibition research, museum development and curation company.

    The course is structured to give participants exposure to a wide range of people who work in the field.

    The curatorial interns will be integrated into exhibit programmes and will witness and participate in answering different curatorial challenges in all phases of making an exhibition: concept, research, fund-raising, design, bidding, manufacture, installation, testing and opening.

    Applicants should have a relevant undergraduate qualification and/or three to five years of relevant professional experience.

    For more information and application, visit: Curatorial Internship Programme Website