Common Ground Media Fellowship

African journalists are encouraged to apply for this fellowship, sponsored by the Search for Common Ground (SFCG). Awards of US$300 to US$1,000 are available for recipients.

Print and radio journalists reporting conflict resolution are eligible, and receive funding to research and write on a topic that is directly related to peace-building or conflict resolution.

Applicants must provide two samples of published work, a one-page summary of the story he or she plans to produce and a letter from a media outlet expressing interest in the story.

Mail applications to Common Ground Media Fellows, Search for Common Ground, 1601 Connecticut Ave., Suite 200 Washington, DC 20009.

For more information, contact Gil Kulick at gkulick[at] or Eileen Dzik at edzik[at], or contact SFCG’s media division at telephone 202-265-4300.

For further details, and application materials, contact: Common Ground Media Fellowship