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Clive West Travel Grants: The Clive West Micronutrient Fund (CWMF) awards travel grants of up to € 1000 to attend (international) meetings in the field of micronutrient research.

Applicants can also apply for financial support up to € 2500 as a contribution towards studies or research in the area of micronutrient research.

The fund especially targets excellent young fellows in developing countries. As there are limited funds available in the CWMF, it will not be possible to support major research projects.

Travel Grant Application:

Persons who wish to be considered for one of the above mentioned grants could apply by sending in the application form to the Secretary of the fund, Mrs L. Duym.

The application form should be accompanied by:

  • An overall budget of the travel, project or study where the fund is requested for,
  • Extended information about the meeting or study where the grant will be used for
  • A CV of the person(s) involved
  • A letter of recommendation from the supervisor or head of the institute/organisation where the candidate is attached to.

    The application should be sent to the secretariat at least 3 months prior to the date/period of the event where the grant is needed for.

    Afterwards the candidate is expected to hand in a 1-page report to the board of the Clive West Micronutrient Fund.

    For more information and application, see: Clive West Travel Grants

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