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The Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) seeks to demonstrably improve the lives of children living in poverty in developing countries by achieving large scale and sustainable impact.

The programmes CIFF aim to support are those that can be brought to scale by an organisation with tremendous capacity and experience in managing large initiatives.

Additionally, CIFF looks for innovative programmes designed to fill a critical gap within their particular (development) landscape.

CIFF funds interventions that explicitly ensure that children will secure:

  • Protection from disease for themselves and their family.
  • Long-term access to health, education, and nutrition.
  • Access to essential services within their communities.

    Children's Investment Fund Foundation Portfolio Areas are;

  • Children Affected by HIV/AIDS: CIFF have focused on funding programmes for children made vulnerable, and often orphaned, by HIV/AIDS.
  • Humanitarian Aid: CIFF investments within this portfolio area are intended to ensure that the needs of children living in conflict, refugee or post-conflict situations are met in both planning and response.
  • Sanitation & Hygiene: CIFF focuses on scaling up effective sanitation and hygiene interventions and promoting policy change with particular benefit to children under five.
  • Education: CIFF priorities include promoting programmes that enhance the quality of education in the classroom and community, with a focus on teacher recruitment, training and management.
  • Special Initiatives: This focuses on protecting the well-being of children who are at particular risk from the effects of global climate change.

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