Cape Town Transitional Justice Fellowship Program

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The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) is pleased to announce its Fellowship in Transitional Justice: a three-week professional development course on transitional justice based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The course covers key topics in transitional justice theory and practice, integrating gender-based considerations.

Participants will receive a rigorous theoretical introduction to the field, coupled with case studies to enhance practical knowledge including: ongoing challenges of prosecutions, truth commissions, institutional reforms, memory-work, and reparations.

Participants who successfully complete the fellowship will receive a Certificate in Transitional Justice from the ICTJ.

The fellowship program aims to furnish transitional justice practitioners with the knowledge and tools required to conceive and implement transitional justice policies in their own contexts and programs that are in line with international best practices and to foster long-term partnerships among them.

Participants will be selected from among lawyers, journalists, teachers, human rights professionals, social workers, or other NGO practitioners in similar professions from mainly African, Asian & Latin American countries grappling with transitional justice issues.

Participants must be senior-level professionals with a demonstrated commitment to ensuring that their society deals with the past in a just and responsible manner.

The ICTJ offers full and partial scholarships for this course.


Full scholarships cover participants costs' entirely, including airfare, lodging, and a modest per diem.

Partial scholarships only cover the cost of participants' lodging and per diem (participant are responsible for covering their airfare to and from Cape Town.)

Deadline: August 10th,

For more information and application, visit: Cape Town Transitional Justice Fellowship Program Website

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