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Purpose: The purpose of the University Research Fund is:

  • To assist in stimulating and promoting the research culture within the institution,
  • To provide research running costs for further qualifications or free standing research projects.

    Fund Application Eligibility Criteria:

  • All CPUT permanent staff and those appointed on contracts of two (2) years or more,
  • All Postgraduate students whose research projects are linked to their supervisor’s research grant,
  • Current NRF grant holders (IRDP, Thuthuka) are NOT eligible to apply for URF. Prioritization:

    Applications are individually assessed on merit and will be prioritized according to the following factors:

  • Development status of the applicant.
  • Scientific merit of the application.
  • Track record of applicant with respect to delivery of projected research outputs.
  • Source of other funding and support.


  • Applicants should complete the attached form/s
  • First-time applicants should submit the completed URF application form (F1) only.
  • Continuing applicants should submit both the application form (F1) and progress report (F3).
  • Postgraduate students should submit the application form (F1A) only.
  • Completed applications must be submitted to Faculty Research Co-ordinators.
  • Only applications endorsed by the Faculty will be accepted by the Research Department.
  • All URF applications submitted to Research Office MUST have evidence of ethical clearance attached.

    Deadlines: 31st August.

    For more information and application, visit: Cape Peninsula University Research Fund Website

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