CUSAC Bursary Scheme

The Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC) is a group of Universities from around the Commonwealth who are committed to increasing internationalisation at their institutions.

CUSAC functions as a network to facilitate the formation of partnerships to provide student exchange and study abroad opportunities, and also as a forum for members to share good practice and policy on all areas of internationalisation.

The Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC) is pleased to announce the launch of the bursary scheme to assist undergraduates in a member university wishing to undertake part of their studies in another Commonwealth country.

The scheme aims to increase mobility amongst CUSAC members, encourage new partnerships between institutions and assist students to study abroad who would not otherwise be able to do so.


  • The scheme is designed to support travel by students from developing countries.
  • Bursaries will be available to support travel by students from developed countries. Priority will be given to those wishing to travel to developing country member institutions.
  • Bursaries will be awarded for travel on the basis of an exchange agreement between two CUSAC member institutions.
  • We will accept a maximum of 3 nominations per home institution, and these must be named students.
  • We cannot accept applications where no student has been nominated.
  • All the nominees must be undergraduates.
  • Applications are invited for bursaries to support exchanges taking place between September and September.
  • There are two rounds of nominations: Round one is for students travelling any time; Round two is for students travelling for the January/February term.
  • Each institution may only nominate 3 students in total, but these may be split between the two rounds however you wish.
  • Grants are available to the value of £500 sterling, plus the actual cost of return travel between the two countries concerned.
  • The awards are intended as a contribution to assist students with the costs of participating in the exchange rather than being an all-inclusive scholarship.
  • Students should be made aware of the likely costs they will incur whilst on exchange.

    Application Procedure:

  • " Section One must be completed for each university the students are attending (i.e. if all three nominees are attending the same university only one application section one should be completed, if students are attending different institutions then a section one for each institution should be completed).
  • Section two must be completed for each student.

    These must be separate applications.

  • Applicants must ensure that the application form is signed by BOTH institutions before being submitted to the Secretariat.
  • Students nominated for awards must complete a student details form - including a brief supporting statement of no more than 300 words.

    Deadline: 25th September

    For more information and application, visit: CUSAC Bursary Scheme Website