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Logistics Coordinator

Project Description

It ensures the coordination and management of all that is related to the logistics of the entire country, including procurement procedures, procurement of goods, the transportation system, security, and technical organization work in various operational bases across the country while respecting the procedures COOPI. He will also be responsible to the functional and technical level of expatriates and other logisticians non DRC.

Terms of Reference

  • Logistical coordination of country: it coordinates the logistics function of the country in coordination and in different operational bases. Operates logistics in terms of quantity and quality at all levels and in accordance with the procedures COOPI.
  • Procurement Management: Ensures the application of procedures by the standards of COOPI and donors regarding the purchase of goods and services (including planning and documentation necessary), and monitors the performance of suppliers relative to COOPI standard. Ensures the process of tenders under procedures taking into account the transparency factor.
  • Vehicle Management: In collaboration with the staff, it provides programming use, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Assets and stock: It provides inventory control inputs and outputs deposits, monitoring inventory, reporting and tools to this, the preservation of assets, handling properties.
  • Security: It is responsible for the safety of goods and works with the Head of Mission to the security staff
  • Management of the staff: It coordinates and supervises the work of logistics staff. It provides training logistics staff in the country.
  • Reports: It provides all the reports related to the logistics sector in terms of time, quality and at all levels, according to COOPI procedures.
  • Institutional Relations: This is the head of mission logistics meetings.

    Candidate Profile

  • Logistics training or management
  • Work experience in the logistics of at least 5 years (total)
  • Prior experience of minimum 1 or 2 years in logistics coordination in developing countries
  • High knowledge of logistics processes
  • Mastery of French essential
  • Good knowledge of common software
  • Strong sense of organization
  • Willingness to motivate and support teams in an emergency context
  • Excellent ability of negotiation and communication Focus on results, sense of improvement, creativity, initiative
  • Ability to work under pressure and independently

    Duration of contract: 12 months renewable

    How to apply:

    Click on; Logistics Coordinator to be submitted before 31st January 2014

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