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Within the framework of its strategy for building comparative knowledge on Africa produced from within the African continent, the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) invites proposals from researchers based in African universities and centres of research for the constitution of Comparative Research Networks (CRNs) to undertake studies on or around any of the following themes identified as priority research themes within the framework of the CODESRIA strategic plan.

The primary purpose for which the CRNs have been introduced is to encourage the development and consolidation of a comparative analytic perspective in the work of African social researchers.

In so doing, it is hoped to establish a strong corpus of comparative studies produced by African scholars and which could help to advance theoretical knowledge and discussion.

The interested researchers are requested to highlight clearly the comparative question which they wish to pursue.


Each proposal should include:-

  • An introduction, a problem - a literature review, the objectives of the study - the research methodology - the results - the outline of the proposed budget and time frame knowing that the total duration of the study is 18 months from the date of launch.
  • Furthermore the proposal should indicate, the membership of the network, including the coordinator(s) of the group; the biodata and institutional affiliation of the network members;
  • A copy of the curriculum vitae of the coordinator(s) and members of the network;
  • The budget outline for the activity that is proposed.
  • Apart from the CVs of 2 members of networks, proposals should not exceed 12 pages (font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing: single).
  • Authors of proposals submitted for consideration are urged to pay close attention to the comparative methodology which they will be applying and to demonstrate a proper understanding of the challenges of carrying out comparative studies.
  • The independent Selection Committee that will be reviewing proposals received will be mandated to eliminate all proposals that are either silent on the comparative question that will be researched and the corresponding comparative methodology that will be employed or which show an inadequate understanding of the challenges of comparative research.

    Each CRN will be entitled to organise three meetings during its lifespan, one methodological; the second to evaluate the progress of the work of the members of the group and the final.

    The grants that are awarded by CODESRIA ranges from USD10,000 to USD35,000.

    Similarly, although no specific format is required for the presentation of the budget for the work that is proposed, authors may wish to note that resources will be allocated by the Council to cover the following costs:

  • A methodological workshop for the members of the CRN;
  • A review workshop at which the progress of the work of the members of the CRN will be assessed;
  • The field work to be undertaken by the members of the network;
  • Books to be purchased for the work of the CRN;
  • The honorarium to be paid to the members of the CRN for the work undertaken.
  • Final workshop

    The size of a CRN will vary from proposal to proposal but on average, most of the groups sponsored by CODESRIA have had an average of five to six members.

    It is advantageous to ensure that a proposed CRN is multidisciplinary in composition, sensitive to gender issues, and accommodating of younger scholars.

    For more information and application, visit: CODESRIA Research Grants Website More: Research Grants » Research Grant Funding » Available Grants Worldwide

    For more information and application, visit: CODESRIA Research Grants Website More: Research Grants » Research Grant Funding » Available Grants Worldwide