Business Summer School Brasov

Location: Romania

Date: 19 August - 2 September

Deadline: 10 March to 10 July

Open to: master and PhD students under the age of 35

Business Summer School (BSS) is a summer program which attracts senior students both from Romania and abroad to debate economical issues.

Business Summer School, organized by the Faculty of Business Administration (in foreign languages), from The Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, with its partners is also one of the summer school programs in Romania that offers 4 transferable credits as a part of E.C.T.S.

The theme for the first edition of Business Summer School is “Globalization and the new business models for investments” and will take place between 19th of August – 2nd September.

The targeted segment is composed of 40 students, master and PhD students under the age of 35.

The proposed schedule is divided into 2 weeks, each week having its characteristics:

1. first week is reserved for the lectures regarding Globalization and its effects regarding the international investment environment as well on the new markets and global investment instruments.

Different globalization aspects, international financial markets, financial risk management and financial global strategies will be debated.

2. second week is reserved for presenting different instruments and techniques peculiar for financial business models.

The curricula will be focused on presenting the leading evaluation models and business analysis as well as techniques of financial engineering.

Alternative theories from the behaviorist financial area and cognitive psychology will also be brought up.

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