IPRA Conference Grants for participants from developing and low-income countries

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The 22nd conference 'Building Sustainable Futures - Enacting Peace and Development' will be held in Leuven 15-19 July.

Every two years, the members of the International Peace Research Association meet at their global conference to:

  • Asses conflict and peace building in the world,
  • Discuss the state of the art of peace research,
  • To plan future research, and
  • Influence the practice and decision-making of violence prevention and peace building.

    Eligibility and selection criteria

  • Only those persons whose paper, panel, or roundtable proposal has been formally accepted by the Convenor of an IPRA Commission or Working Group will be eligible for financial support.

    You will be notified of your proposal’s acceptance or rejection in December.

    IPRA conference grant selections will be announced in January the following year.

  • Only a person who is both resident in and a citizen of a developing/low-income country is eligible for this conference grant.

    A list of eligible countries is forthcoming. If you think your country is eligible, please apply.

  • Priority will be given to applicants who hold full-time professional appointments at institutions of higher education and/or research.

    Doctoral and post-doctoral students will be considered but other students are not eligible.

  • All grant selection will strongly consider equity and diversity regarding geographic representation, gender, race, area of expertise (in research, education and action/advocacy), and the IPRA Commission/Working Group in which the applicant is/will be involved.

    IPRA Call for Papers and Proposals is now open. You are recommended you to apply online.

    The Deadline is 1 December

    For questions please contact IPRA Secretariat (sgipra[at]soc.kuleuven.be)

    International Peace Research Association (IPRA)
    Parkstraat 45 bus 3602
    3000 Leuven, Belgium
    Tel: +32 16 32 32 41
    Fax: +32 16 32 30 88
    Email: sgipra [at] soc.kuleuven.be

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