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Undergraduate Scholarships in Italy - Graduate Scholarships - Italy Scholarships International Students 

Bocconi Undergraduate Scholarships & Graduate Scholarships in Italy; Applications are invited by Bocconi University for its international undergraduate scholarships and graduate scholarships. 

Worth of Award

The Undergraduate Bocconi Scholarships for International Students consists of a full tuition waiver, worth up to €11,000 per year.

The Graduate Bocconi Scholarships for International Students consists of a full tuition waiver, worth up to €12,000 per year.


Only applicants for the first year of a Bocconi Bachelor Program or the Law program & Graduate Master of Science Program who meet all the following conditions will be taken into consideration for the awarding of the scholarship:

  • non-Italian citizenship;
  • non-Italian residence;
  • a non-Italian High School Diploma earned in Italy or abroad.

    How to Apply

    International Undergraduate & Graduate candidates applying for admission during the Discover your Talent, Winter or Spring Sessions, who are neither a resident or citizen of Italy nor have earned an Italian High School diploma in Italy or abroad, will have the opportunity to apply for the Bocconi Scholarship for International Students by completing the online application.

    The application must be submitted online by the same date as the online admission’s application.

    Late applications or applications submitted for a later round will not be taken into consideration. 

    Scholarships will be awarded by a Commission whose decision is unquestionable and final: no appeals will be considered.

    Awardees will be informed of assignment shortly after admission in Bocconi; the assignment of an award will be noted on the Selection Results website and an e-mail will be sent directly to applicants.

    The evaluation will primarily be based on the candidate’s need for aid, however, the candidates academic achievements will also be taken into consideration. The complete dossier provided to the Admissions office will be evaluated.

    The Bocconi Scholarship for International Students will be automatically renewed for a maximum of 2 years (for Bachelor & master programs) or for 4 years (for the Law program) provided the required minimum GPA and academic progress is met as specified in the scholarship acceptance form that must be signed and returned to the University by awardees.

    Students can apply for other scholarships and they will be taken into consideration for all financial aid for which they apply, however, students can only receive one scholarship.

    Please follow the links below to read more scholarship details and get application forms.

    For more information and scholarships application materials, see;

  • Italian Bocconi Scholarships for International Students Details & Application Forms
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