Award for Best Practices in Sustainable Development of Human Settlements

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Award for Best Practices in Sustainable Development of Human Settlements:

The biennial Dubai International Award for Best Practices (DIABP), organized by the Dubai Government and UN-HABITAT, has a total grant amount of US $480,000 for NGOs, CBOs, research organizations, bilateral, multilaterals, foundations and even individuals working on best practices that “demonstrate a positive and tangible impact on improving the living environment of people particularly the poor and disadvantaged.”

It is presently seeking submissions of best practices from around the world for awarding them with the award in the next Best Practices Award Ceremony to be held in October.

A total to 12 winners will be selected from among the submissions made and out of them two will be reserved for Best Practices Transfers.

Nearly US $360,000 will be distributed among all the winners and the final two persons will be invited to the award ceremony in Dubai where they will be recognized with a trophy and a commemorative certificate.

The best practices submitted for the award should also demonstrate partnerships at least between two actors that meet the criteria and sustainability of the impact should be visible within legislation, social policies, institutional frameworks or management systems.

Additionally, the practices should also be based on leadership and community empowerment, gender equality and social inclusion, innovation within local context and transferability and tangible impact resulting from the transfer of ideas, skills, processes, knowledge, expertise or technology.

Optionally, submissions can be accompanied with additional material such as “articles appearing in newspapers, professional journals, newsletters or other publications; digital standard format videos less than 10 minutes in length; photographs and/or other graphic material; brochures or other promotional material.”

There is a reporting format available which can be downloaded for submitting the application.

The award organizers would also be providing feedback on submissions to ensure compliance with the set criteria.

Application Deadline: Every two years.

For More Information, Kindly Visit; UN-HABITAT Website

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