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Atlas Service Corps’ Fellowship Opportunity: Atlas Service Corps, an international nonprofit organization is currently accepting applications from around the world for its fellowship program.

The fellowship program is an opportunity for rising leaders from around the world to undergo training and placement in the US or Columbia. The placement will be at "an outstanding US nonprofit organization" for a period of 50 weeks and all costs including travel, living, health insurance etc will be covered under the fellowship.

However, securing visas from the US embassy will be the responsibility of the candidates even after the selection has been made.

Besides all these benefits, the fellowship will also award "End of Service Award" for fellows after the completion of the program.

Candidates applying for this fellowship should ensure that they:

  • Have 3 or more years of relevant experience in the nonprofit/NGO/social sector.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Speak, read and write fluent English. If volunteering in Colombia, you must also speak, read and write an outstanding level of Spanish.
  • Be applying to volunteer in a country other than where you are from.
  • Be committed to your country and return home after the one-year fellowship.

    For more information and fellowship application, see; Atlas Service Corps' Volunteer Application