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Ideas that Matter is an initiative by Sappi - the world's leading producer of coated fine paper.

This annual campaign encourages creative marketing and advertising professionals from Europe, North America and South Africa to create printed communication campaigns and designs around important social or environmental issues.

The aim of the initiative is to not only highlight the plight of these worthy causes, but also to give creative teams a chance to show their support by applying their creativity, using paper as the platform, to produce ideas and campaigns to help these needy causes.

The successful applicants will be awarded a grant of up to R300,00.00 (US$20,000) for the print production and implementation of their idea.


Individual designers, copywriters, strategists, design or advertising agencies, in-house design departments and individual or groups of design students may apply.

How to enter:

  • Select a non-profit organisation an obtain their written support for your application.

  • Develop a creative fund-raising or awareness print campaign for the non-profit organisation of your choice.

  • Prepare the following:

  • A fully completed application form

  • A three page summary with the following information: name of designer(s) and copywriter(s), name of organisation organisation's mission / activities, campaign concept, campaign objectives, campaign target group, communication elements, distribution costs, Month-on-month campaign timeline.

  • Package all your entry elements and forms in a re-sealable folder, no bigger than A3. Original print production quotes must be attached to support all cost estimates.

    Your talent and skills could benefit the many institutions working for change; non-profit organisations that are involved in scientific, environmental, educational, cultural or relief programmes.

    Deadline: 1st June

    For more information and application, visit: African Ideas that Matter Award Website

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