AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund

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AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund: The Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund will offer grants of up to US$10000 to projects that seek to overcome barriers to sharing knowledge with ‘hard to reach’ or marginalised African communities.

These barriers may be related to language, access to information and marginalisation due to gender or disability.

Theatre performances, songs, radio broadcasts, visual arts, videos and comics are just a few ideas about how they could be overcome.

The key is to ensure these groups can learn and share.

This fund seeks to support small-scale projects that offer innovative and practical ideas and strategies for communicating/sharing between different stakeholder groups, of vulnerability to climate change, impacts and adaptation responses.

It is aimed at small scale initiatives proposed by African research groups, community-based organisations, co-operatives, networks and other local institutions in either urban or rural locations.

The competition is open to research, local and civil society organisations, cooperatives and community networks across Africa.

Organisations must be registered in their host country and evidence of registration (reference no. date and place of registration) provided for the full proposal.

International organisations may apply provided that they are registered in Africa and have collaboration with partners in Africa.

Deadline: August 1st.

For more information and application, visit: AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund Website

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