AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellowship

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The Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG) is an independent, non-profit making organisation with a mandate to provide cutting edge research on governance and public ethics issues and, monitor governance fundamentals in both the government and the private sector.

AfriCOG's governance and anti-corruption reform initiative are aimed at addressing the structural causes of Kenya's governance crisis by a knowledgeable citizenry.

AfriCOG has a similar mandate throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

AfriCOG's vision is of a Kenya in which civic vigilance over the management of public affairs is a permanent part of our national culture.

The fellowship is open to professional journalists with at least three years experience in print journalism.

Both full time and freelance journalists may apply.

Fellowship application deadline: 30 May.

For more information and application, visit: AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellowship Website