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The Absolventa scholarship is an initiative of the nonprofit Absolventa e.V. which is based in Germany. It allows all students the opportunity to receive a scholarship, regardless of grades, social class or political affiliation.

Funding is in form of a lump sum up to max. 3,000 Euro during the study period.

The scholarship is aimed at students from all programmes and institutions. Foreign students in Germany are eligible to participate, provided they study at a German, Austrian or Swiss university. No age restriction is given.

The most important pre-requisite for participation is to provide a concrete funding desire or wish that is associated with your studies. 

The request for funding should be limited to no more than three items that are directly related to each other. 

For example, the fee for vaccination, the visa and the flight for a semester or a laptop and its associated software.

The maximum grant is 3,000 Euro per scholarship. The individual support amount is based on the expenditures for the promotion request. 

The requested amount must therefore correspond roughly to your funding request, otherwise the application will not be approved!

For example, a geology field trip one-student cost in the Himalayas several thousand euros, the cost of printing the thesis but only a few hundred euros. 

In this way, the scholarship Absolventa grants is a unique individual support. 

The total sum is divided among several candidates. This means that the lower the amount of funding required, the more applicants are eligible and receive a grant.

Absolventa Scholarship Application Procedures

Candidates register at the website (https://www.stipendium.de/u/login) and then create a candidate profile. 

After receiving the application the Absolventa e.V. inspects the documents of all the candidates. 

Corresponding to the application requirements, the applicant profile appears on www.stipendium.de. 

The profile includes the first name of the applicant, the age, the funding request and the necessary sum. 

When applying for the Absolventa scholarship candidates can decide the format in which they submit their applications. 

This can be a text, a presentation, a self-written song or a video. The media are not directly uploaded to the Stipendium.de website but are connected via a link. 

Candidates should use corresponding portals to upload their application such as YouTube (video), SoundCloud (audio), Flickr (pictures) and Slideshare (presentations).

Application period: 01.05

For more information, scholarship application forms and useful contacts Absolventa Scholarship(In German Only).

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