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The Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) is an innovative graduate level certificate program that combines the development of regional expertise with the enhancement of individual leadership skills.

The APLP is a nine-month program (mid-August to mid-May) with a minimum five-month residency requirement.

All APLP participants receive an APLP Entry Fellowship upon acceptance into the program.

Host Institution(s):

East West Center, Hawaii

Field of study: Interdisciplinary analysis of emergent regional issues with experiential leadership learning.

Target group:

Early- to mid-career professionals; currently enrolled graduate students; and recent university graduates from all countries.

Scholarship value:

APLP Entry Fellowship is valued at approximately $15,000.In addition to the APLP Entry Fellowship granted to all participants, a sizeable number of East-West Center funding opportunities are available (see the official website for more infomation).

Eligibility and Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – applicants must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited U.S. College or University or from a recognized institution of higher learning abroad. Equivalency is determined by the University of Hawai’i. Generally, an equivalent could be a 3-year bachelor’s degree plus a 1-year master’s degree, or a 2-year bachelor’s degree plus a 2-year master’s degree.
  • TOEFL is a requirement for all international students (unless automatically exempt). Your TOEFL test result can be no more than two years old. The International English language Testing System (IELTS) may be substituted for TOEFL. See FAQs for further details. It is recommended that you take the TOEFL test as soon as possible.
  • Professional work experience and achievement
  • Leadership track record in professional, public, and/or personal realms
  • International experience and aptitude, including overseas residence, language skills, intercultural and diversity exposure
  • Volunteer and community service experience
  • Asia Pacific engagement: evidence of interest in and knowledge of the region, as well as commitment to its future prosperity. This might include employment in the region, classes taken at University, languages spoken, memberships and fellowships, specific projects, field studies, and areas of research interest
  • Experience of cohort learning, working collaboratively in small teams or in large groups.

    Application Deadline; 1 December annually.

    For More Information and Application, Please Visit; APLP Fellowships for International Students Website

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