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ALJ Scholarship: The Annie L. Jeter (ALJ) scholarship is designed to support the educational pursuits of motivated and talented students from African countries who cannot afford the cost of their education. The program is more than a scholarship program.

It is a youth development program that includes mentorship and group activities throughout the year.

Eligible applicants for these scholarships are students who are citizens of an African country.

The Annie L. Jeter (ALJ) scholarship may be applied to any educational pursuit as long as the applicant justifies its validity to the Selection Committee.

Annie L. Jeter (ALJ) scholarships may be used for, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Primary school fees
  • Secondary school fees
  • Room and board
  • Books and other supplies
  • School uniforms, shoes, etc.
  • Exam fees

    The scholarship is renewable based on satisfactory academic performance, school attendance and participation in AEP group activities.

    Scholars are required to submit a returning scholar's application form every year for continued funding.

    Students are also required to sign a scholar’s contract that pledges them to the following:

    1) Maintain high standards of academic performance to the best of their ability. AEP scholars are expected to maintain at least a C average.

    2) Keep an exemplary attendance record at school. Excessive absences are defined as more than 4 absences per term.

    3) Attend all AEP organized activities and meetings (usually three group activities a year and three academic meetings per year).

    4) Ensure that AEP receives a copy of grades at the end of each term.

    If the scholar does not meet the terms of the contract, the scholarship funding will be terminated. AEP presently does not fund university education.

    Late and incomplete applications are never accepted and are immediately disqualified.

    Applications are usually due in September or October each year.

    This scholarships is not on offer until further notice.

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