Stockholm International Water Institute Invitation to Tender Jobs in Ethiopia

Stockholm International Water Institute Invitation to Tender Jobs in Ethiopia


  • SIWI has been active in Ethiopia since 2015 starting with the inception of the Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI).

  • This initiative engaged factories, companies, ministries and agencies to address resource use and technical production challenges that the industry and government agencies faced in the textile sector in Ethiopia.

  • The STWI is in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (ETIDI) and a new Ethiopian Water and Landscape Governance (EWLG) Programme, which is partially an expansion of previous experiences.

  • The aim of the EWLG Programme is to develop water governance in selected river basins in Ethiopia with the overall ambition of translating water management policy into action through the improvement of governance arrangements at a basin scale.

  • SIWI will support the Basins Development Authority and its basin offices, as the apex bodies responsible for all aspects of water management, to practically operationalize improved national and regional Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) routines and communication mechanisms with relevant stakeholders.

  • These stakeholders include government bodies, academia, civil society organizations as well as the private sector.

  • The Programme includes three Work Packages: WP1 Integrated Water Resource Management and Capacity Building; WP2 Capacity Building for Multifunctional and Resilient Landscapes; and WP3 Environmental Resource Management in the Textile Sector.

  • During Q2 and Q3 of 2019, a pre-assessment was done to understand the use of energy, water and chemicals at 22 identified wet processing textile factories in Ethiopia, out of which 2 are in Industrial Parks.

  • The data and analysis in the pre-assessment was based on self-assessment data from factories, interviews with relevant personnel, and observations during visits.

  • The report concluded that there is a need for trainings on basic resource efficiency practices, but also a significant opportunity for improvement, across all assessed areas.

  • The report identifies that the Ethiopian textile sector is far behind the best practice scenario and is in urgent need of improving and upgrading its sustainability practices.

    Job Requirements

    General requirements

  • Fluent in written and spoken English for all consultants and fluency in written and spoken Amharic for some of the consultants is required;

  • Experience in designing, delivering and assessing online trainings;

  • Experience in coaching and mentoring Ethiopian nationals remotely or virtually;

  • Adaptability and flexibility in working within complex and dynamic environment; and
    Willingness to travel to remote areas of Ethiopia as needed

    Specific requirements

    The consultancy firm or consortium is expected to submit a minimum of five CVs with the following profiles. One person/CV is allowed to have multiple qualifications but all qualifications have to be fulfilled;

  • Lead expert for design of training modality, coaching and pedagogical plannin


  • Minimum of a
    masters’ degree in relevant subject;

  • Relevant experience in pedagogic, training or coaching;

  • Experience in working in Ethiopia on training Ethiopian nationals on technical issues, planning, follow up, setting goals and planning schedules; and

  • Relevant experience within the textile industry, minimum 5 years.
  • Expert in chemical management and optimisation for the textile sector


  • Minimum of BSc. in chemical engineering, chemistry, textile chemistry with preferred expertise in the textile sector;

  • Extensive practical experience (minimum 10 years) in chemical management in wet processing in textile factories;

  • Experience in working with chemical inventory, chemical management, including reduce, reuse, recycling, as well as chemical selection, transportation, stock-in and stock-out, storage and interim storage, handling, treatment and disposal, risk management etc.; and

  • Profound understanding and knowledge of ZDHC, Bluesign or Higg FEM requirements etc. for the textile sector.

  • Expert in energy management and optimization for the textile sector


  • Minimum B.Sc. in energy management, energy engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering with focus on textile sector and production; and

  • Experience in energy efficiency work, evaluation and recommendation (10 years preferred).

  • Expert in water management and optimization for the textile sector 43-421 SIWI – Stockholm


  • Minimum B.Sc. in water management, environmental science, environmental engineering with specialization in factory water use and water budgeting; and

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in water use, water management and water budgeting especially in the textile sector.

  • Financial Modelling and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Towards Effective Management and Sustainable Resource Use in Textile Factories


  • Ten years of relevant experience in providing technical assistance in designing financial models for textile factories with main focus on water, energy and chemical costing;

  • Proven experience in developing financial models that show costs related to water, energy and chemicals as well as saving and RoI made from investments in improved resource use.
    Proven experience in EMS

  • Expert in production process for the textile sector

    How to Apply

    The tender must contain the following information

  • A description of the organisation;

  • Technical proposal to describe the approach to and the procedures for undertaking the assignment

  • Submission of CVs describing individual qualifications as per described qualifications above and their specific role in the project;

  • A description of the supplies/services offered;

  • A realistic budget for the assignment, all expenses and fees included (including of VAT), and payment terms;

  • Estimated delivery time;

  • Name and contact information of point of contact.

  • Submit sample of training programme developed by the consultant/organization.

  • The tender must be submitted to the following email address: copying latest by June 27th at 23:55 o’clock.

  • The subject of the email should be “Online consultancy service for implementing Training of Trainers (ToT) activities”.

  • Processing of personal data SIWI will process personal data included in tender documents and communications.

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