Ministry of Science and Higher Education Procurement Specialist/consultant Jobs in Ethiopia

Ministry of Science and Higher Education Procurement Specialist/consultant Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Description


  • The Government of Ethiopia has received financial support from the World Bank undertake EASTRIP, which is a regional project in three East African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

  • The project aims to increase access, improve quality of technical and vocational education and facilitate regional integration.
  • The objectives and results of the project will be achieved through

  • Strengthening 16 selected Regional TVET flagship institutes out of which 7 are found in Ethiopia; and Holeta Polytechnic College is one of the institutes.

  • Creating national TVET enabling environment and Enhancing regional collaborative capacity in TVET and project coordination.

    At the Institute level, the objectives of the project will be achieved through

  • Strengthening governance and management
    Institutionalizing industry links;

  • Developing market relevant and competency-based training programs;

  • Training of TVET managers and teachers/trainers;

  • Provision of key training facilities and equipment

  • Outreach and support for non-project national TVET institutes

  • For the effective implementation of the project’s procurement activities, the College seeks to hire an individual consultant for a Procurement Specialist position under the supervision of the project coordinator.


  • The objective of the assignment is to obtain the services of a highly qualified procurement consultant who will assist the Holeta Poly Technic College in an efficient processing of procurement on international as well as national procurement of goods, works and services.

    The expected outputs of the procurement consultant are

  • approved updated project procurement plans;
    a procurement data management system;

  • Completed procurement packages for works, goods and consultancy services provided in the procurement plan for Statistics for Results Project (SFRP), and any other required procurement package, and

  • Sample “good practice” bid packages and evaluation reports for each method of procurement for works, goods, non-consulting services, and consulting services in both soft and hard copies.

    Scope of work

  • The Procurement Consultant will assist Holeta Poly Technic College in the overall planning, managing, coordinating and reporting the procurement activities of the Project for goods, works and services in accordance with the World Bank procurement rules and procedures.

    The Procurement consultant will have the following duties and responsibilities

  • Managing the procurement management of the Project for procurement of goods, works and services in accordance with agreed procurement procedures for the project.

  • Initiating and coordinating training to procurement staff of the Agency in procurement with particular focus on the World Bank procurement procedures.

  • Monitoring procurement activities in the Regions.

  • Updating as appropriate the Procurement Plan.

  • Coordinating/conducting the preparation of Terms of Reference, Request for Expression of Interest, Shortlisting, Invitation of Bid, Procurement Specifications, and Bid documents for Works, Goods, and related supplies and consultant services.

  • Coordinating/conducting the bid/proposal evaluation process and thereafter preparing the bid/proposal evaluation report for submission to the relevant authorities for approval.

  • Managing contracts after signature.

  • Attending to all audit queries on procurement.

  • Developing a procurement processing, monitoring and reporting system and taking a lead in the preparation of quarterly reports on the status of procurement activities under the Project.

  • Initiating the settlement of disputes with contractors/suppliers and follow up on shortages and defective supplies/services/works that are in breach of contract provisions.

  • Attending to procurement enquiries and complaints by suppliers/contractors/consultants.

  • Disseminate WB Guidelines, project procurement manuals to all concerned including approval bodies.

  • Carry out a review to identify constraints and opportunities to the effective and efficient procurement of works, goods and consultancies in the Holeta Poly Technic and an implementation Capacity assessment to identify gaps.

  • Participate in different supervision and support missions, identify the progress, procurement challenges and recommendation to improve the implementation of procurement.

  • Carry out effective coordination and timely delivery of procurement and put in place systems to guide procurement management and monitoring the performance of procurement activities.

  • Produce compiled reports in accordance with reporting requirements.

  • Ensure that proper documentation of all the procurements activities being implemented under the EASTRIP are
    kept in order in a safe and secure place.

  • Establish and implement procurement monitoring and supervision system at Holeta Poly Technic to regulate the overall Project management and implementation of EASTRIP related to Capacity building.

  • Ensure that proper maintenance of files and Procurement Register Books are up-to-date.

  • Develop a proper procurement tracking system.

  • Develop a system and advise the project coordinator on fast clearance of goods.

  • Develop a procurement processing, monitoring and reporting system and take a lead in the preparation of regular reports on the status of procurement activities in the project.

  • Collaborate and closely work with other Project and relevant college staff members.

  • Present monthly technical reports and perform any other duties assigned by the Project Coordinator.

    Specific Deliverables

  • Review reports and comments on the Procurement Plans

  • Monthly progress reports.

  • Documentation of all correspondences during implementation of procurement activities
    Procurement monitoring reports (Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports)
    Project Completion Report

    General Deliverables

  • Inception Report and detailed work plan within three weeks of commencement of the assignment.

  • Monthly Progress Reports within 7 (seven) days of the end of the month on the consultant activities/ achievements during the month and plans for the next month.

  • Summary of progress against project’s performance indicators semi-annually.

  • Summary of aggregate information on procurement complaints/grievances semi-annually.

  • Draft Final Report of the procurement specialist’s work three weeks before the end of the assignment; and

  • Final Report of the procurement specialist’s work, one week after receiving comments from Holeta Poly Technic college.

    Qualification (30%). This criterion further divided into two

  • Educational Status (30%).

    Experience (30%). This criterion further divided into two

  • General Experience (10%).

  • Relevant Experience (20%).

  • Specific technical knowledge related to World Bank related projects (40%).

    This criterion further divided into two

  • Experience working in Bank Financed Projects,

  • Procurement training related to procurement procedures under Bank financed projects.

    Job Requirements

    Required qualifications and Experience

  • It is envisaged that the technical assistance will require an experienced and high level technical competence in procurement of services, goods and works under World Bank financed Projects.

    The procurement consultant, therefore, should be required to fulfill the following qualifications

  • MSc/MA or BSc/BA degree or equivalent from a reputable and recognized university in Commerce, Business Administration, Economics, accounting, management, engineering or any other related discipline.

  • Possession of post graduate degree or an advanced degree will be an advantage.

  • At least 8/10 years’ experience in procurement in a large private/ public sector organization or Projects for Masters and Bachelor degree, respectively.

  • At least 5 years procurement experience in GOE/IDA funded Projects and a thorough understanding of World Bank’s procurement procedures.

  • Computer literacy in the use of word processor, spreadsheets and any other application relevant to procurement.

  • Excellent change management skills and strong commitment to sharing procurement and contract management related expertise and experience in order to develop others.

  • Excellent writing and communication skills in Oromifa, Amharic and English (all reports, documents and correspondences shall be in English).

    Level of effort and Timetable

  • It is expected that the assignment will start in as soon as possible depending on availability.

  • The consultant will be based at Holeta Poly Technic College with travel to regional cities as necessary.

    How to Apply

  • Expressions of interest (CV), Cover letter and documentary evidence for fulfilling the qualifications must be sent to the email below, on or before June 26th 2020, 17:00 local time.

  • Please specify the position of the post in the subject line of your e-mail for easy sort-out of applicants.

  • Candidates who meet the minimum requirement shall be invited for further assessment.


    Subject: Application for Procurement Specialist (Holleta)

  • Due to the COVID-19 situation we will only being accepting applications via email

  • The address referred to above is:

    Ministry of Science and Higher Education

    East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP)

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Office phone number: +251 118 62 50 29

    E-Mail Address:

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