Ministry of Infrastructure WATSAN Economist Jobs in Rwanda

Ministry of Infrastructure WATSAN Economist Jobs in Rwanda

Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Contribute to the financial and economic analysis for the Water and Sanitation Policies and
    Strategies formulation;

  • Lead the development of investment opportunities and investment flow chart in water and sanitation sector;

  • Lead the analysis and assessment of the cost effectiveness, cost recovery and other financial and economic analysis during the development of MoU and other agreements with investors and

  • Lead the formulation of guidelines to the establishment of water and sanitation services tariffs;

  • Contribute and follow up to the establishment, analysis and assessment of water tariff especially
    social water tariffs as well as social sanitation services tariffs;

  • Report to the ministry the status on water and sanitation services tariffs in compliance with population complaints and regulation;

  • Conduct and/or coordinate research and analysis by developing ideas/concepts in support of WATSAN operational activities as well as technical documents that will support the dissemination
    of the strategic investment plans;

  • Identify, define, design, coordinate and conduct applied research efforts (supported by consultants and divisional staff) on key topics in the areas of water and sanitation social economics;

  • Provide advisory services and technical support to operational teams on the preparation of financial and economic analysis and evaluation in water and sanitation projects;

  • Design and implement capacity building programs to support water and sanitation operators and sector institutions in social, financial, economic and management in the delegated water and
    sanitation management;

  • Design and implement internal programs for the dissemination of research products aimed at strengthening technical capabilities of staff members through conferences, publications, and
    seminars in water and sanitation sector;

  • Other duties related to the financial and economic context in water and sanitation sector.

    Minimum requirements:

  • Master’s Degree in Water and/or Sanitation Economics, Environmental Policy with Economics,
    Economics and Business Studies, Water and Sanitation Management, Urban Economics with 1 year of relevant working experience or Bachelor’s degree in Water and/or Sanitation Economics, Water and
    Sanitation Management, Economics with 3 years of relevant working experience.

    Required competencies and key technical skills:

  • Knowledge of Water and Sanitation sector;

  • Knowledge of social and environmental issues;

  • Knowledge with regard to analysis of Projects feasibility studies;

  • Water and Sanitation sector policy analysis and formulation skills;

  • Knowledge and experience in in economic analysis;

  • Knowledge in the use of Excel for modelling and analysis;

  • Knowledge of financing of capital-intensive infrastructure projects;

  • Highly numerate and with good economic and finance modeling skills;

  • Knowledge to interpret financial models and financial proposal reports;

  • Judgment and decision making skills;

  • Knowledge of financing of capital intensive infrastructure projects;

  • Ability to work independently and make mature and proactive decisions informing management;

  • Project formulation and funding skills;

  • Good at policy formulation, review and analysis;

  • Coordination, planning and organizational skills;

  • Interpersonal skills;

  • Resource Management skills;

  • Problem solving skills;

  • Decision Making skills;

  • Networking Skills;

  • Mentoring and Coaching skills;

  • High analytical skills;

  • Report writing and presentation skills;

  • Leadership skills;

  • Risk Management skills;

  • Digital Literacy skills;

  • Performance Management skills;

  • Time management skills;

  • Team working skills;

  • Fluency in English, Kinyarwanda or French;

  • knowledge of all these three (3) languages is an advantage;

  • Capacity to work in a multicultural environment

  • Ability to work independently and make mature and proactive decisions informing management;

  • Should have good working knowledge and experience in operations of water and sanitation
    systems and funding for the projects

    How to apply

  • For more information and job application details, see; Ministry of Infrastructure WATSAN Economist Jobs in Rwanda

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