Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain Clinical Officer Jobs in Ethiopia

Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain Clinical Officer Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Description

  • Organizing and ensuring medical consultations to the target population providing treatment to patients within the scope of his/her medical competencies and referring them when appropriate, according to MSF proto-cols, procedures and the universal hygiene standards in order to guarantee quality and efficiency of the ser-vice provided.

    Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Ensuring the implementation and standardization of MSF clinical policies, tools, and hygiene protocols in order to minimize clinical risks and to guarantee the quality of patient care management. Promoting and maintaining confidentiality regarding all patient cases and records

  • Implementing diagnosis, prescription and prevention procedures that fall under the scope of his/her competencies applying medical knowledge, asking appropriate questions to patients and following protocols in force as well as using laboratory services when necessary, in order to ensure a correct implementation of the medical treatments and to refer patients when appropriate.

  • Participating in the planning and supervision, in close coordination with other supervisors, the HR processes (sizing, staff shifts, recruitment, training, evaluation, development and communication) of the team in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required, improve people triage capabilities, their motivation and commitment and their active participation in teaching the targeted population on therapeutic and preventive protocols.

  • In cases of emergency, carrying out first aid care and treatment according to protocols in order to reduce mortality rates

  • Recording in the individual patient’s card and registration books, all performed medical activities (drugs prescribed, lab results, vaccination status, epidemiological activity, doses, etc.) keeping data traceability in order to ensure patients treatment continuity.

  • Participating in data collection and reporting when required

  • Knowing and implementing Patient Therapeutic Education (PTE), i.e. keeping contact with all patients, providing them information regarding their health state and responding to their questions.

  • Knowing and promoting the proper application of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Kit and Sexually Gender Based Violence (SGBV) protocol.

    MSF Section/Context Specific

  • Organizing and ensuring medical consultations to the COVID19 patients providing treatment within the scope of his/her medical competencies and referring them when appropriate, according to MSF protocols, procedures and the universal hygiene standards in order to guarantee quality and efficiency of the service provided.

  • Ensuring triage, early recognition, and source control (isolating patients with suspected COVID19 infection): having a high level of clinical suspicion; will work in a COVID19 triage station next of Gambela hospital

  • ER ward/temporary isolation at Gambela
    Hospital, supported by trained staff; will use the screening questionnaires according to the updated case definition. Will make sure that signs in public areas reminding symptomatic patients to alert HCWs are postered.

    Applying standard precautions for all patients: Ensure that the following respiratory hygiene measures are used

  • Ensure that all patients cover their nose and mouth
    with a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing;

  • Offer a medical mask to patients with suspected COVID19 infection while they are in waiting/public areas or in cohorting rooms;

  • Perform hand hygiene after contact with respiratory secretions

    Applying the WHO’s My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene approach before touching a patient, before any clean or aseptic procedure is performed, after exposure to body fluid, after touching a patient, and after touching a patient’s surroundings:

  • Hand hygiene includes either cleansing hands with an alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) or with soap and water;

  • Alcohol-based hand rubs are preferred if hands are not visibly soiled;

  • Wash hands with soap and water when they are visibly soiled.

  • Ensure rational, correct, and consistent use of PPE (which strongly depends on adequate and regular supplies, adequate staff training, appropriate hand hygiene and specifically appropriate human behaviour)

  • Ensuring that empiric additional precautions (droplet and contact and, whenever applicable, airborne precautions) for suspected cases of COVID19 infection are applied;

    Contact and droplet precautions

  • Using a medical mask a (for specifications)

  • Wearing eye protection (goggles) or facial protection (face shield) to avoid contamination of mucous membranes

  • Wearing a clean, non-sterile, longsleeved gown; using gloves

  • The use of boots, coverall and apron is not required during routine care; after patient care, appropriate doffing and disposal of all PPE's and hand hygiene should be carried out. Also, a new set of PPE's is needed, when care is given to a different patient.

  • Ensure If equipment needs to be shared among patients, cleaning and disinfecting it between use for each individual patient (e.g., by using ethyl alcohol 70%)

  • Refraining from touching eyes, nose ormouth with potentially contaminated gloved or bare hands;

  • Ensure performing hand hygiene and wearing appropriate PPE as described while transporting patients.

  • Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces which the patient is in contact;

  • Airborne precautions for aerosol-generating procedures

    Ensure that HCWs performing aerosol-generating procedures

  • If necessary, performing procedures in an adequately ventilated room – that is, natural ventilation with air flow of at least 160 L/s per patient

    Job Requirements


  • Essential clinical officer diploma


  • Desirable previous clinical supervision experience of at least one year


  • Local language essential.

  • English desirable


  • Results and Quality Orientation L2

  • Teamwork and Cooperation L2

  • Behavioural Flexibility L2

  • Commitment to MSF Principles L2

  • Stress Management L3

    How to Apply

  • All applicants should send a CV, a cover letter, educational records, work certificates, valid licence and a copy of national ID.

    Application can be submitted/sent

  • in person, to MSF Spain Gambella Office (please indicate on the envelope: the vacancy title, your name and the specific location you are applying for)

  • by email to (please indicate on the subject box: the vacancy title, your name and specific location you are applying for)

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