Kenya Forest Service Forest Assistant (Nursery Headmen) Jobs

Kenya Forest Service Forest Assistant (Nursery Headmen) Jobs

Job Specification

  • This is the entry for cadre for Forest Assistant. An officer at this level shall report to Forest Station Manager.

    Duties and Responsibilities
  • Implement the forest legislation and related policies for enhancing the growth and development of the forest sector.
  • Labelling of seed and seedlings beds for easy identification and monitoring.
  • Participate in data collection on seed germination to determine germination percentage.
  • Participate to basic forest data for entry into forest records books and registers.
  • Identification of nursery soil collection sites.
  • Participate nursery soil curing and collection.
  • Record station rainfall, wind speed, wind strength, humidity and wind direction data.
  • Participate in forest survey and inventory activities.
  • Carry out forest conservation activities.
  • Participate in forest fire fighting
  • Participate construction of germination and Swaziland beds.
  • Participate in monitoring pest and diseases out breaks in the tree nursery and the field.
  • Mixing of nursery soil to ensure appropriate ratios.
  • Participate in nursery activities (seed sowing, pricking out, potting, hardening-off, soil fumigation, root pruning, watering, chemical and fertilizer application, cleaning and weeding).
  • Identification of sites for flying nurseries to enhance proximity to planting sites.
  • Participate in the implementation of forest activities (stake cutting, staking out, planting, beating up, pruning, thinning, re-spacing, coppice reduction, and climber/creeper cutting, weeding, boundary and fire break maintenance).

    Person Specifications
  • KCSE (D+)
  • Certificate in Forestry
  • Proficiency in computer applications

    For More Information and Job Application Details, See;Kenya Forest Service Forest Assistant (Nursery Headmen) Jobs

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