Blackbee Real Estate SC Marketing Head Jobs in Ethiopia

Blackbee Real Estate SC Marketing Head Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Description

  • Blackbee is a share company duly established in Ethiopia by Diaspora Ethiopians to play a crucial role in new industries and projects with a well-thought feasibility studies, for which they mobilize resources from different sources.

  • It deploys resources in both green and brown investments, including buy-out of on-going businesses which for lack of finance or less efficient management may be suffering bad results.

  • Blackbee is also an investment house, with a diverse portfolio of investment of its own or joining up in partnership with others, intent to satisfy the demand of projects for investment by mobilizing domestic and international resources.

  • Blackbee plans to stage a massive marketing campaign to raise a substantial amount of capital from within Ethiopia and from abroad.
  • In the bid to raise capital, and promote Blackbee over the long-term, the ‘marketing head’ will be a pivotal person for the organization in general, and for influencing the outcome of capital mobilization in particular.

    The job holder will be hired immediately, and the descriptions are as follows:

    General Description

  • The job holder is expected to be a multi-skilled professional with a great degree of agility and flexibility to carry out multifarious tasks, yet also with a strong experience and knowledge of team leadership and organizational dynamics.

    Tasks to be Accomplished

  • The job will be guided by the general goals set for Blackbee by the board of directors and the CEO.

  • In order to attain maximum mobilization of capital, the job holder will closely assist and aid the CEO in the following major tasks.

  • He will undertake these tasks either as advisor/assistant or independently on this own over the short-term, while he will focus on marketing strategy and building brands over the long run.

  • Prepare different marketing materials such as prospectus, brochures, newsletters, leaflets and banners.

  • Stage different events in Addis Ababa and other cities to raise capital and enlist new shareholders.

  • Introduce Blackbee as a credible and ambitious company to various stakeholders.

  • Continuously build content to the website of Blackbee and respond to queries placed at the website.

  • Set up social media accounts and build followership as well as content.

  • Prepare a long list of potential investors in Ethiopia and abroad.

  • Prepare documentary videos, for promotion to upload in website and use for presentation.
    Arrange press conferences

  • Guide the production of TV and Radio advertisements, run them, and monitor outcome

  • Interact with marketing firm to stage presentations and campaigns in Addis Ababa and in other cities as found necessary and guide it as appropriate.

  • Prepare presentation toolkit high-level marketing events.

  • Arrange interview sessions with selected media and design messages.

  • Work closely with commission agents and marketing affiliates to promote Blackbee and its share selling drive.

  • Follow up on signing of new commitments including collection of resources.

  • Set up presentation sessions with government officials regarding Blackbee’s accomplishments and ambitions.

    Job Requirements

    Educational and Professional Background

  • The incumbent will
    have a master’s degree in Marketing, Communication, Journalism or Management.

  • He is also supposed to have practical experiences of marketing and communication for 7 to 10 years.

  • The jobholder is expected to have run major marketing programs in a company setting, preferably raising capital, or fundraising.

  • He must have also worked as a department or division head reporting to the topmost job holder in an organization of medium to big size.

    Major Attributes of the Incumbent


  • Communication skills are an essential trait for the job holder.

  • In developing and presenting marketing plans, he will communicate with the senior management team, finance director and operations manager.


  • The job applicant must have good analytical skills.

  • He will be reviewing many different types of research/feasibility study reports intelligently using statistics on factors such as market size, segmentation of capital, contributors etc.

  • He needs to understand and interpret data so that he can make informed decisions on marketing strategy.


  • The applicant must understand the creative process to succeed in marketing.

  • Part of his role is to brief creative staff such as designers and social media professionals so that they can develop marketing materials that communicate effectively with customers and prospects.

  • Although he will not be developing creative work himself, he must be able to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of creative work that others produce.

    Project Management

  • Marketing programs require careful project management to deliver results on time.

  • He must be able to identify the different stages of a marketing program, establish a realistic schedule and plan a budget.

  • When the program is underway, he will need to coordinate the work of different specialists and suppliers to ensure the program meets its targets.


  • He must be a good player to work in marketing.

  • His own success depends on his ability to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the company.

  • If he is working with an external marketing agency, he needs to be able to build effective working relationships with his clients as well as colleagues within his company.

    Specific Attributes of the Incumbent

    The applicant is expected to have the following attributes:

  • A web of capabilities and desire to work at all levels of the marketing effort befitting a new company; in other words, he should be ready to get his hands dirty as they say.

  • Somebody who has people at his heart, and someone who has built a great deal of social capital by himself over the years.

  • A very good understanding of technology, a good front-end user experience, and understanding of back-end technology

  • An excellent knowledge of digital marketing.

  • A prior experience of interacting with journalists and press people, and ability to get work done with them.

  • He should also be somebody who knows the media landscape very well.

  • Fluency in Tigrigna, Amharic and English; both written and spoken.

    How to Apply

  • Interested and qualified applicants can send their CV to the following email addresses

    Email: or

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