Aga Khan Foundation Scope of work for Market Landscaping Jobs in Uganda

Aga Khan Foundation Scope of work for Market Landscaping Jobs in Uganda

Closing date: 31 Jul 2019

Background and Context

Preventing unintended pregnancies among adolescent women aged 15-19 in Uganda is essential to improving their sexual and reproductive health and their social and economic well-being.

Yet existing data show gaps in sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents in Uganda. For example, 13% of unmarried and 25% of married sexually active adolescents aged 15-19 have an unmet need for modern contraception, meaning that they either use no contraceptive method or rely on traditional methods.

So, it is not surprising to note that over 88% of pregnancies among this age group are unintended. It is also estimated that more than half of these end in abortion, often under unsafe conditions (76 per 1,000 adolescents aged 15-19.

If all unmet needs for modern contraception among this group were met, it is estimated that their unintended pregnancies would drop by 72%.

In addition, if full provision of modern contraception were combined with adequate care for all pregnant adolescents, adolescent maternal deaths would drop by 75% per annum.

Triggerise, in consortium with Marie Stopes and Well Told Story (WTS), has been implementing the ‘In Their Hands’ (ITH) programme in Kenya, an intervention that uses a mobile phone-based technology platform that contributes to the reduction of the incidence of teenage pregnancies by increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services and products.

The programme has successfully increased sexual and reproductive health products and service uptake among adolescent girls in high priority counties. (Further detail of how the platform operates in Kenya is available at

Triggerise in partnership with Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is seeking to adapt and pilot the ITH programme in Uganda and therefore requires the services of a consultancy firm to market landscaping and develop insights that will inform the adaptation.

Objectives of this work

To conduct a market landscaping study focused on:

  • Assessment of the legal, policy and strategic framework relating to adolescent sexual and reproductive health services
  • Analysis of existing Adolescent SRH initiatives in Uganda
  • Stakeholder engagement and analysis of opportunities and potential barriers, including a pricing analysis in Arua and Kampala districts
  • Mapping clinics (both public and private) and pharmacies in Arua and Kampala districts that offer SRH services and products

    Scope of work

    The proposed scope of work of the selected firm will be as follows:

  • Conduct kick off meeting (in Kampala) with Triggerise, the Aga Khan Foundation, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and other stakeholders to define shared objectives and clarify expectations;
  • Undertake desk based and in country review to understand the legal, policy and strategy environment relating to the provision of sexual and reproductive health products and services (health, education and social) to adolescents aged 15-19 and to better understand existing sexual health related interventions targeting adolescents in Uganda in general as well as in Arua and Kampala districts where the adapted pilot will be implemented;
  • Undertake an outlet survey in Arua and Kampala districts to understand pricing for selected sexual and reproductive health services and products in public and private pharmacies and health facilities and assess willingness to pay among adolescent girls aged 15-19;
  • Mapping exercise to map and identify all clinics (both public and private) and pharmacies offering SRH services in Arua and Kampala districts
  • In collaboration with Triggerise, Aga Khan Foundation and other stakeholders, facilitate workshops with registered providers and pharmacists in urban Arua and Kampala districts and assess the level of adaptation from the current model needed for success in Uganda, their knowledge and expectations towards adolescent sexual health services, support that technology factors, provide them a 360 view
    of the ITH service model in order to generate deep insights into adaptation and refinement of the model,

    Deliverables and expectations

    The firm is expected to provide the following deliverables

  • Detailed work plan
  • Synthesis of key learnings from Key Stakeholders (providers, pharmacists, influencers).
  • Pricing survey and willingness to pay findings
  • Map of clinics (both public and private) and pharmacies providing SRH services in Arua and Kampala districts
  • Legal, policy and strategy environment findings
  • In addition, the firm is expected to regularly participate in calls with Triggerise, Aga Khan Foundation and other stakeholders (frequency to be agreed during the kickoff meeting) upon submission of deliverables to receive feedback and engage with stakeholders on the deliverablesRequired Skills and Expertise

    We are seeking a firm with the following competencies and experience:

  • Market research analysis in Uganda or in similar contexts
  • Willingness to pay and outlet surveys
    Policy, legal and strategic context analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement surveys and analysisTimeframe
  • Prospective firms are expected to have completed the engagement in 2 months.

    Below are the tentative timelines:

    Activity and Tentative Timelines

  • Call for proposals and receipt of submissions 26th July 2019
  • Review of submissions 29 July - 2 August 2019
  • Negotiating and contracting 5-9 August 2019
  • Kick off meeting in Kampala 12-16 August 2019
  • Engagement delivery 16 August to 15 October 2019Evaluation criteria

    Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria

    Criteria Weighting

    *1. Team expertise, experience and composition:* Capabilities of the firm including experience of the selected team in undertaking the proposed tasks - 40
    *2. **Strength of the technical proposal*:
  • Overall strength of proposed methodology, including ability to address the specific tasks outlined above within the anticipated timelines
  • Adherence to international and national codes of practice and ethics for conducting research in Uganda
  • Clear measures to safeguard and protect any adolescents that participate in the study - 40***
    3. **Budget*
  • Value for money
  • The estimated budget guide for this work is $50,000 and we will consider strongly competitive proposals to deliver the engagement within this limit - 20 Total 100**

    [How to Apply:

    Proposal submission guidelines
    Consultants and Firms are invited to submit proposals for this Market Landscaping process.
    Proposals should include the contents below and not exceed a maximum length of 10 pages, excluding annexures (budget and summary profiles of proposed personnel).

    Cover page: Summary with basic information such as names, address, contact information, proposed budget, etc.;
    Capacity statement: A brief capacity statement as to why your firm and the team you are proposing is well positioned to undertake the engagement;
    Qualification to the scope of work: Any qualifications that you may have regarding the scope of work
    Proposed approach: Your proposed approach to delivering on the scope of work requirements including measures to safeguard and protect any adolescents that you involve in the study
    Workplan: proposed work plan with tasks, responsible person/s and timeline
    Budget: Total budget envelope required to deliver the work (in USD), and line item breakdown of direct costs and overheads
    References of similar engagements undertaken by the firm in the last 5 yearsThe submission must be clear, concise and complete.

    Applicants should submit only such information as is necessary to respond effectively to this request for proposals. Unless specifically requested, extraneous presentation materials are neither necessary nor desired.

    Where the applicant is a company, the proposal must be signed by a duly authorized representative of that company.

    Where the applicant is a consortium, the proposal must be signed by the lead authorized representative of the consortium, which organization shall be responsible for the performance of the contract.

    All applications should be sent to by the 31st July, 2019 with “market landscaping” in the subject line

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