Abt Associates Project Assistant - Warehouse Manager - VectorLink Jobs in Malawi

Abt Associates Project Assistant - Warehouse Manager - VectorLink Jobs in Malawi

Job Summary

  • Under the supervision of the Logistics Coordinator, the Warehouse Manager is responsible for inventory management, and assuring that commodities used in IRS campaigns are secure and safely stored at the project’s main warehouse.

  • This position will help arrange for the logistics of delivering of all IRS commodities to IRS campaign operations sites in various locations, and assuring accurate inventory counts for all IRS commodities being used during the IRS campaign.

  • The Warehouse Manager will be expected to liaise regularly with the store keepers at each IRS operations site to assure all needed IRS campaign commodities are in-stock, and collections of IRS campaign wastes are on-going and transported back to the central warehouse.

    Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Receipt and quality control of delivered goods to project warehouse.

  • Processing appropriate supply chain documentation and updating stock cards to assure an accurate count of IRS commodities at the central warehouse.

  • Managing the project’s inventory control system during the IRS campaign, including storage, quality control, inventory record-keeping, and inventory reporting.

  • Working with the project staff to supervise the storage, distribution, and transport of IRS commodities to all IRS campaign operations sites, to assure they have the necessary equipment to complete IRS.

  • Working with
    the project staff to supervise store keepers and operation site store rooms.

  • Assuring accurate and exact knowledge of IRS commodities at the central warehouse, and at each operations site store room at any given time.

  • Ensuring that at the end of the IRS campaign, the personal protective equipment (PPE) and commodities are retrieved from the operations site stores and are accurately recorded in the stock inventory.

  • In collaboration with the Environmental Compliance Officer:

  • Ensuring that all health and safety measures are in place and followed at all stores and spraying locations.

  • Ensuring the clearance and proper disposal of all waste material and excess items from project stores.

  • Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

    Preferred Qualifications

  • High school diploma with at least 5 years’ relevant experience, or Bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ relevant experience (desireable)

  • One year experience in supply chain management and the storage of health commodities

  • Demonstrated experience in warehouse/stores management

  • Excellent management, supervisory, organizational, computer, and writing skills

  • Experience with international donor projects preferred

  • English language fluency

    Minimum Qualifications

  • ( 2+ ) years of experience OR the equivalent combination of education and experience

    How to Apply

  • For more information and job application details, see; Abt Associates Project Assistant - Warehouse Manager - VectorLink Jobs in Malawi

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