The Palm Oil Contest

Anti-palm oil activists – comprising environmentalists, health experts and others - routinely spread misinformation and outright lies about the palm oil industry in a concerted bid to bring about disrepute.

They are influencing international NGOs, governments, prominent associations and the public with their allegations on the detriment of palm oil to health, environment and future.

The palm oil industry has so far taken the high road by refusing to be drawn into confrontation with anti-palm oil activists.

The palm oil industry is building and publishing a cache of articles that demonstrate the positive aspects of palm oil and the palm oil industry; and refute the baseless allegations of anti-palm oil activists.

Periodically, the palm oil industry will put out a call for the public to contribute to this cache by submitting their own views / articles on palm oil, based on a topic suggested by us.

The most outstanding submissions win:

  • The title of Palm Oil Warrior

  • Publication in and other related websites, magazines or journals

  • And US$1,000 in prize money!

    Winners will be choosen for every 200 articles submitted.

    That means that if there are 400 submissions, 2 winners will be picked – and so on.

    The search for the first Palm Oil Warrior begins.

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to…

    Submit a palm oil article based on the following topic:

  • Palm oil and human development.

  • Discuss how much the palm oil industry has helped improve the lives of millions, especially in rural areas.

  • Emphasize how this has been accomplished through minimum exploitation and waste of countries' own natural resources and point out instances of how critics of the palm oil industry are practicing a double standard.

    Your essay should be:

  • No longer than 1,500 words. (Ensure that any fact you cite is supported by a citation).

    Deadline: 31st July

    For more information and application, visit: The Palm Oil Contest Website

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