Jobs & Scholarships, September 04 

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Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media Scholarships
Excellent students from Non-EU-Countries are granted this scholarship by the European Commission. Students study in three European countries; first year in Denmark and Netherlands, second year in UK or Germany.
The Google Australia Anita Borg Scholarship
The Google Australia Anita Borg Scholarship encourages women to excel in computing and technology and become active role models and leaders.
Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Italy, Università degli Studi di Torino
Applications should specify the section(s) of interest but the admissions procedure will be run at the level of the School and will result in offers of admission to one or more of the three sections.
PhD-Student International Economics
The successful candidate will contribute to research and teaching in the fields of European integration or international finance.
Master PhoenixEM Dynamics of Health and Welfare Scholarships
The European commission offers Master PhoenixEM Dynamics of Health and Welfare Scholarships every year.
The Hodgkin Scholarship
The Hodgkin Scholarship is given to students from Developing Countries where they cannot receive higher education for political or social reasons.
PhD Scholarships in Agricultural Sciences
The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Hohenheim is offering at least 7 - 10 scholarships for Ph.D. students in its postgraduate studies.
A. Scholarships & Grants
1. MPhil studentship

Applications are invited from students with backgrounds in the physical or biological sciences for this course which is delivered in collaboration between the Departments of Materials Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics, with contributions from the Judge Institute of Management Studies. Click here for details. 2. Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development Scholarships

A number of Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development Scholarships are offered to students from countries outside the European Union. Click here for details.
3. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for European Master in Industrial Management

European Master in Industrial Management (IMIM) is one of the master courses selected by European Commission within the Erasmus Mundus Programme.
Click here for details. 4. Masters in Strategic Project Management Scholarships

A number of Masters in Strategic Project Management Scholarships are granted by the Swedish Government and the Erasmus Mundus Consortium.
Click here for details.
5. Sustainable Tropical Forestry Erasmus Mundus Masters Course Scholarships

This two-year Master's Course in Sustainable Tropical Forestry is a top-level programme aimed at preparing qualified graduates to deal with contemporary tropical forestry.
Click here for details.
6. PRIO Student Scholarships

The International Peace Research Institute, Oslo has three to five vacant student scholarships for master’s degree students who have completed their coursework and are in the process of writing theses.
Click here for details.
7. Doctoral Scholarships for the New PhD Program in The Economics of Innovative Change

The Research Training Group offers several scholarships for doctoral students a background in economics and business administration.
Click here for details.

B. Upcoming deadlines

1. Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program
- Closing date 15/11/
2. Chevening Scholarships - Applications & Closing date - November.

3. AAUW International Fellowships - Submission Deadline - Dec 1.

4. Bat Conservation International Scholarships - Application Deadline - Dec 1.

5. Film and Fiction Scholarships - Application Deadline - Dec 31.

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