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PhD Scholarship in Structural Fire Engineering - University of Canterbury

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Canterbury is offering a PhD scholarship in Structural Fire Engineering, as part of the Future Building System research project.

PhD Scholarhip in Growth Dynamics and Management of Braided Alluvial River Deltas in New Zealand

The University of Canterbury, through the Natural Resources Engineering group in the Department of Civil Engineering are looking for an enthusiastic research student to develop an understanding of the growth, dynamics and management of braided alluvial river deltas.

PhD Scholarhip in Benchmarking the Resilience of Organisations

The Resilient Organisations Research Programme is offering a Ph.D. scholarship to an outstanding student wanting to research strategies for evaluating and benchmarking the resilience of organisations.

PhD Studentship in Chemical Engineering at University of Western Ontario - Canada

A PhD Studentship is available at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) to carry out research in the area of fuel-ethanol production from lignocellulosic materials.

ENS Lyon Master Program International Scholarships

The ENS Lyon Master Program International Scholarships offers outstanding international students the chance to receive a 1,000 euro per month scholarship.

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