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Inter-consult Ltd is a leading, dynamic ISO 9001. 2008 Certified Multidisciplinary Consultancy Company operating in Tanzania and the East African Region for over 30years offering services ranging from Studies, Designs, Supervision to Management of projects in the infrastructure sector.

Applications are invited from Tanzania and the East African Region to join a family of over 50 professionals as:

Category A: Senior Professionals

1. Senior Highway Engineer


  • BSc/Msc Civil Engineering.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.
  • Experience in bituminous Road design — l0yrs.

    2. Senior Highway Engineer — Project Supervision/Resident Engineer


  • BSc/MSc. Civil Engineering.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.
  • Experience as Asst/Resident Engineer in bituminous Road Projects — 10yrs.

    3. Senior Materials Engineer


  • BSc/MSc Civil Engineering — Materials.
  • Experience as Materials Engineer for Bituminous Roads — 10yrs.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.

    4. Senior — Geotechnical Engineer


  • Bsc/MSc Civil Engineering/Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Registered Engineer — Geotechnical Engineering in East Africa.
  • Experience in Soils & Geotechnical investigations & design — 10yrs.

    5. Senior Project Manager


  • BSc. Civil/MSc/M.Eng- Construction Management.
  • Experience in Contract Management —10yrs.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.

    6. Senior Water Supply Engineer


  • BSc./MSc. Civil Eng. — Water Supply Specialty.
  • Experience in Water Supply/Sanitation — 10yrs.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.

    7. Senior Water Resources Engineer - Irrigation Design


  • BSc./MSc Water Supply — Irrigation and Dam Engineering.
  • Experience in design of Dams & Irrigation Infrastructure —10yrs.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.

    8. Senior Electrical Engineer/Services Engineer


  • BSc. Electrical/MSc/M.Eng — Electrical or Services Engineering.
  • Experience in Electrical Engineering design/Services Engineer — 10yrs.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.

    9. Senior Mechanical Engineer/Services Engineer


  • BSc. Mechanical/MSc./M.Eng. Mechanical/Services Engineering.
  • Registered Engineer in East Africa.

    10. ICT Engineer


  • BSc./B.Tech/MSc./ - ICT.
  • Experience in Design of ICT systems in Buildings — 4yrs.

    11. Senior Land Surveyor


  • Bsc./Adv. Diploma — land Surveying.
  • Experience in surveys for Roads, Water supply schemes, other engineering infrastructure — 10 yrs.
  • Registered Surveyor — East Africa.

    12. Senior Architect


  • Bsc./ BArch/ MSc/ Architecture.
  • Experience in design of large modern buildings (Commercial, Educational, Health, and Residential)-10yrs.
  • Registered Surveyor — East Africa.

    Category B: Professionals

  • Professional Levels for the above posts are invited to apply with experience ranging from 6-10yrs
    Enclosing CVs, Copies of Certificates and stating 2 References with their contacts to reach within 4 weeks from date of publication of this advert.

    Please write in confidence or email to: Managing Director, Inter - Consult Ltd, Inter House, Bagamoyo Road, P.O Box 423, Dar es Salaam. E-mail: md [at]

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