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The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) is pleased to announce the third Call for applications for the Subprogramme 5 Genotyping Support Service (GSS).

GSS aims to help spread the benefits of marker technology in the developing world through:

  • Technology access: facilitating developing world researchers’ access to top molecular marker technologies for germplasm analysis;

  • Capacity-building: training researchers in data analysis and knowledge application; and,

  • Sustainability and spread: to build a core of researchers who can continue to use the technology, independent of GCP support.

    This call is being launched in conjunction with a call from the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which focuses on supporting the evaluation of crop genetic resources.

    Together, these coordinated and complementary calls widen the support that plant scientists can obtain.

    The GSS is offered to plant breeding programmes and germplasm collections in the developing world to facilitate their access to molecular marker technologies for the analysis of germplasm. GSS hires high-throughput, cost-effective genotyping facilities; beneficiaries of the service will send their samples there for analysis, with the GSS covering the costs.

    GSS is not only limited to genotyping services and financial support, but also includes capacity development: participating researchers receive training to analyse the resulting data, including interpretation and application of the new knowledge.


  • Applicant organisations will be national agricultural research systems, academia, civil society organisations or private companies, located in developing countries and active in plant breeding and/or germplasm conservation for the main food crops.

  • Applicants should be willing to incorporate the use of molecular maker technologies with a long-term perspective, ie, demonstrate readiness to take the steps needed to become self-sufficient in outsourcing genotyping work in the medium term.

    Deadline: 4th January

    For more proposal information and application, see: Genotyping Support Service Call for Proposals Website

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