Finance and Human Resources Manager

Manage and optimise finance, administrative and human resources systems and processes within Greenpeace, in line with Greenpeace policies, procedures and guidelines, the moral and ethical organisational principles, and legal requirements.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop Greenpeace Africa financial policies and procedures consistent with moral and ethical organisational principles, in line with Greenpeace guidelines and in consultation with the Organisation Director, in order to ensure responsible and effective use of public donations and contributions from Greenpeace International.
  • Oversee the annual review of the Terms and Conditions of Employment, and ensure that they are current and up to date with respect to local legislation, regulation and common practices.
  • Recommend, establish and ensure compliance with a procurement strategy, criteria and detailed procurement procedures consistent with good commercial, ethical practice and in line with Greenpeace’s moral and ethical principles.
  • Construct and review in detail the annual budget; ensure staff budgets are accurately prepared and assimilate and scrutinize other departmental budgets and produce detailed and summary reports within deadlines
  • Ensure the review, co-ordination and monitoring of the budgets, including reviewing the fundraising budget and analysing fundraising results against the budget.
  • Manages the process of data collection, consolidation and analysis of financial data and information, in line with financial procedures, guidelines and requirements from the Senior Management Team (SMT), in order to give the SMT adequate insight into the financial position and developments within Greenpeace.
  • Produce budget holder reports, facilitate subsequent departmental budget meetings, make adjustments, and adapt this information for inclusion in the monthly financial management report, within the scheduled reporting timelines in order to ensure the SMT gets a timely and accurate report in the current state of GP Africa finances.
  • Produce and analyze year-end financial reports and produce financial statements, in order to meet external auditors’ requirements.
  • Assist relevant staff in Kinshasa and other locations in preparing for their respective audits by providing a listing of tasks required in respect of the financial year end and documents and schedules that will be required for the external auditors.
  • Ensure that all assets are adequately secured, recorded and managed.
  • Responsible for budgeting, reporting and analysis of capital/one-off major projects (e.g. restructuring, office move), in order to help ensure efficient and effective financial management of such projects.
  • Minimise the possibility of fraud by means of internal checks, in compliance with law and regulations, in order to ensure the security of Greenpeace Africa’s assets.
  • Ensure all expenses are adequately scrutinized to ensure they are properly authorized and budgeted and comply with organizational policies prior to final processing in order to ensure that expenditure is properly authorized and complies with Greenpeace policies.

    Skills and Qualifications:

  • Qualifications in Accounting and at least 5 years experience in financial management.
  • Experience in strategic financial and human resources planning, Strong knowledge of Statutory Rules, laws and requirements in South Africa, related to both financial reporting and human resources/labour issues;
  • Strong knowledge of Excel; knowledge of MS Access and accounting software programmes;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Committed to furthering Greenpeace’s campaign goals as well as the organizational development of Greenpeace Africa.
  • Able to inspire team spirit and resolve conflicts, able to work in a multicultural environmental through negotiation skills.
  • Capacity to prepare and present detailed and realistic financial and organisational development plans.
  • Able to support and guide staff, work with sensitive information, work with minimal supervision, deal with stressful situations and meet deadlines.
  • Pro active and results orientation.
  • Able to travel and work in Greenpeace Africa offices and other locations as needed. Able to work in and adapt to local cultures.
  • Tenacious, mature African national
  • Fluent in English, some French would be useful
  • Flexible, but with an acute attention to detail
  • Deadline driven, enjoying the occasional high pressure moment
  • Able to take initiative and work independently, but also work as a valued team member
  • Able and willing to travel every 3-4 months to other African countries and to Europe
  • Driver’s licence would be useful
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Ability to negotiate and mediate
  • Interpersonal flair
  • Analytical skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Strong belief in Greenpeace’s values and objectives

    Application Deadline: 17th July

    For more information and application, visit: Finance and Human Resources Manager Website

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