Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services

This Expression of Interest follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this project that appeared in the United Nations Development Business on 30th November and online on 2nd November.

The Government of Kenya has received a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) in the amount of US$ 114.4 Million equivalent toward the cost of the Transparency & Communications Infrastructure Project (TCIP).

TCIP will be implemented by the Kenya ICT Board under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC).

Part of the proceeds of this Credit will be used to engage consultants with specialized skills for the development and implementation of an Internationally Benchmarked Software Developer Certication Program.


  • The general objective of this assignment is to recruit a leading international academic institution or standards body to develop and implement an internationally recognized and sustainable software developer certication program (Certication Program) for Kenya.
  • The Certication Program will have multiple components, including content and processes for local software developers to prepare, register and be certied; an Internet enabled credentialing program; and an initial pilot testing; evaluation and ne tuning of the Certication Program.
  • The program should be underpinned by a sustainable business model.

    Scope of services:

  • Business Plan: Provide a business plan that spells out the resources to be deployed and the results proposed to be achieved.
  • Content Development: Develop appropriate content for certication in close collaboration with relevant partners; including leading international and local IT companies, academic institutions, governments, international standards bodies and industry/trade associations
  • Certication Process Development: Develop an internationally recognized, authentic, secure and valid process for software developer certication.
  • Will be conducted in a secure and proctored setting.
  • Provision of Internet-Enabled Credentialing Program: Provide a web-enabled credentialing program, including functions for online registration, preparation and certication.
  • Piloting: To pilot the Certication Program with an initial batch of at least 50 enrollees, comprising of local software developers who should be benchmarked against a control group.
  • Evaluation Reports: Conduct an evaluation of the pilot to prepare a detailed report to recommend strategies and action plans for improving the Certication Program.
  • Program Renement and Local Capacity Building: Rene the Certication Program based on the agreed recommendations of the Evaluation Report, and develop capacity within the country to conduct the assessments for certication.
  • Live Rollout: Commence live rollout of the Certication Program with assessment of certication by local institutions, with the target of testing at least 200 local software developers.
  • Mass Rollout and Marketing, and Business Model Implementation: Implement mass rollout and marketing campaign for the Certication Program across Kenya, with a target to test at least 500 local software developers.


    The Consultant should demonstrate that they:

  • Are a leading international academic institution/ standards body of repute in the field of software engineering and computer science
  • Are recognized vendor-neutral sponsor of credentials with wherewithal to sustain the program through annual renewal cycles
  • Have previous experiences of linking up with the relevant partners identified above
  • Have technical staff who are dedicated to the assignment and who must have relevant experiences and expertise in the eld
  • The Certification Program should have sufficient infrastructure for credentialing (administration, relationship management, awards, web access)

    Following the Expression of Interest, Kenya ICT Board will issue Requests for Proposals (RFP) to the short listed international academic institution or standards body only.

    Deadline: 23rd September

    For more information and application, visit: World Press Photo Contest Website

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