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Call for 4 Doctoral Student Positions in Dairy Health Recording Systems for DAHREVA project in the Nordic countries.

Systems for recording diseases in dairy cattle are in operation in all Nordic countries, although the designs are rather different.

A joint Nordic project Assessment of the validity of the dairy health recording systems in the Nordic countries, DAHREVA - A study aiming to improve the health recording systems supported by Nordiskt Kontaktorgan för Jordbruksforskning (NKJ), will now be initiated with the goal to get a better understanding of the true disease situation in the Nordic dairy herds, through assessing the quality of the health recording systems.

The project will be a close collaboration between PhD students from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Iceland is also included in the project.

Announcements for the PhD positions in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden can be found on the following web sites.

Check the deadlines for the applications: in most countries it is March 15, 2007 but in Norway March 23.





Tasks: The PhD students will plan and conduct field studies, record and analyse data with epidemiological methods, publish results in international scientific journals, and participate in post-graduate training.

The students are expected to develop dissertations focusing on validation of disease recording systems and the epidemiology of production diseases in dairy cattle.

Skills: The successful candidates will have earned a graduate degree in veterinary medicine or animal science, and have a large interest in developing epidemiological skills in cooperation with the other PhD students and advisors from the Nordic countries.

The applicants should have a proven ability to work both independently and in a team environment, and good writing and oral communication skills.

The project involves field work, which requires skills in co-operation and communication with farmers and advisers within the dairy industry of that particular country.

See the websites above for more information on Doctoral Student Positions in Dairy Health Recording Systems.

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