Consultative Status for NGOs at UN’s ECOSOC

NGOs can apply for Consultative Status at the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

As per the Article 71 of the UN Charter, NGOs can have a consultative relationship with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

International and local NGOs can apply for the consultative status by demonstrating that their work is directly relevant to the aims and purposes of the United Nations.

In order to qualify for the status, NGOs “must have been in existence (officially registered with the appropriate government authorities as an NGO/non-profit) for at least two years, must have an established headquarters, a democratically adopted constitution, authority to speak for its members, a representative structure, appropriate mechanisms of accountability and democratic and transparent decision-making processes.

The basic resources of the organization must be derived in the main part from contributions of the national affiliates or other components or from individual members.”

There are three categories for the status to be provided for the NGOs.

These are: General Consultative Status, Special Consultative Status and Roster Status.

The General Consultative Status is reserved for larger international NGOs while the Special Consultative Status is for NGOs which are specialized in different areas.

The Roster Status is given to organizations which are found to be not fit for any of the first two categories.

NGOs in Roster Status can make contributions to the UN occasionally.

“Non-governmental organizations in general consultative status, special consultative status and on the Roster, that express their wish to attend the relevant international conferences convened by the United Nations and the meetings of the preparatory bodies of the said conferences shall as a rule be accredited for participation.”

To apply for the status, NGOs have to fill in an online application form and submit the following documents:

  • Copy of constitution/charter and/or statutes/by-laws and amendments to those documents (pursuant to paragraph 10 of ECOSOC resolution).
  • Copy or certificate of registration. According to resolution an organization “should attest that it has been in existence for at least two years as at the date of receipt of the application by the Secretariat”. Please provide a copy of the registration paper or, if your country does not require registration, please provide other proof of existence.
  • Copy of most recent financial statement and annual report.
  • Copy of examples of your publications and recent articles or statements.
  • Optional: Organization chart (if available).
NGOs can apply for the status during any part of the year.

Applications Deadline: 1st June.

Applications submitted during this period will be taken up in the year.

For More Information, Kindly Visit; UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs Website

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