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June 30, 2022

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University of East London

This programme is designed to help students design and develop large-scale, software systems by developing their knowledge...
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Aiming to develop the ability to analyse issues and debates, as well as an understanding of the contexts and analytical...
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Liverpool John Moores University

The educational aims of the programme are that the student should be exposed to, and develop, a broad range of skills relating to...
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The programme aims to produce graduates who will contribute to the development and implementation of Human Resource Management strategy...
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University of Suffolk

Master of Business Administration
This is a general management course designed for those in, or aspiring to, senior management positions or those looking for conversion...
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MSc Public Health
The MSc Public Health is a challenging and rewarding programme designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to public health for students...
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Unicaf is currently in partnership with the University of Suffolk (UK), Liverpool John Moores University (UK), the University of East London (UK), the University of California, Riverside Extension (USA) and multi-campus Unicaf University (Africa). Upon successful completion of their study programme, students receive from the relevant awarding body their degree, which is identical to the degree offered to on-campus students.

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