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Dear, Special 2011/12 Scholarships!
September 07, 2011

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7th September 2011, ISSUE #153.


Welcome to this issue of the newsletter. We have very interesting scholarship updates covering mostly undergraduate, master's and PhD levels. Also a number of conference scholarships, competitions and jobs.

These include:

- £2,500 Grants to Support University Students in Africa

- 2012/13 Women in Africa LAWA Scholarships

- Special 2012 VLIR-ICP Scholarships

- General Support Grants 2012

- Fully Sponsored ICT Conference in USA

- PhD Scholarships in Italy

- US$ 30,000 to Pursue your Academic Quest

- Write a Blog and Win 3000 Euros!

- 2012 Conference Scholarships

- Innovators Conference Scholarships 2011

- 2012 French Embassy Scholarships Program

- African Graduate Fellowships 2012

- Full 2012 Scholarships for African Students

- 2011/12 Agriculture Scholarships for African Students

- 2012 International Climate Protection Fellowships

- 2012 Final Call! - Kofi Annan Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

- Grants for Participation in Training Courses, Workshops, & Conferences

*** And many more!

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Then click on the each headline for more details about the scholarship/grant/job.

Please circulate the newsletter as widely as possible, I will be very grateful for that and am sure potential recipients will be very grateful to you too!

This week’s thought - Paint your day as you wish!

Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, and at the end of the day you don't look at it and wish you had painted something different.

~ Author Unknown.

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, that is it for today. All the best in your endeavours.

Kind regards,

Joe Ngugi.
Advance Africa
+254 723 040 015

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