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March 27, 2008

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March 27th 2008, ISSUE #071.


Over 1 year ago, we run a series of newsletters with 100’s of commonwealth scholarships many which will be offered every year in the next 10 or more years.

Going by the frequent enquiries on diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in commonwealth and home countries, it appears many readers have forgotten about them. Excellent ones are rerun here:

See 100’s of scholarships & jobs available in this issue!.

Check out the newsletter and be sure to meet the deadlines. Remember, the over 3/4 of the scholarships on the website are offered every year and if you browse the site thoroughly, you will find many you can apply for in the coming weeks and months.

Also, please help spread the word by forwarding this free weekly newsletter to your colleagues and friends!

This week’s tip - Write a good CV & get results!!

Having the right CV for the job you want need not be difficult. Follow these easy do’s and don’ts and get a CV that brings good results. Write a CV that really works!

This week’s thought - Dream!

"If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true?"

- Oscar Hammerstein.

Have a good day!

Best wishes,

Joe Ngugi.

P.S. Do you have a scholarship or grants question? Ask it in the Scholarships & Grants FAQ page and I will be glad to answer your question there.

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The site is free to use. Your friends or family may be eligible and successfully apply for the scholarships or jobs listed on the site.

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