Education Sponsorship Assistance

by Beatrice

I am looking for a sponsor or financial grants information and sources to finance my diploma, or degree education in my country or abroad to commence next year. Can I get someone to sponsor my studies?

Am really in need and am looking for sponsorship assistance please.

A. Use "Contact Us" form in this website - see, left navigation bar - to submit your information and get the necessary assistance.

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Comments for Education Sponsorship Assistance

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Looking for a Sponsor to Continue my Studies
by: Jane

Am a University of Nairobi student studying Bcom looking for a sponsor to help me in paying my fees. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have sent my contacts.

Thank you.

Education Sponsorship
by: Wilma

I am a student who have been admitted to study MSc. Mathematical Modelling in Engineering.

My current financial strategy is the one which includes single parenting and personal savings which could cover my first semester tuition.

I am currently asking for your help or an advice on how to secure funding for my accommodation cost which is £350 per month.

God bless you for your interest in my education.

I will provide evidence to this regard. You can please contact me on the contacts I have sent.

I Need Help
by: Maronko

I am looking for some one to sponsor me to go to the university thanks.

Seeking Sponsorship
by: Susan

I am 23 years old writing from Kenya, I did well in high school and attained grades to the university.

My sister helped with my first year's fees, she lost her job and can't help anymore, my dad is old and has no income.

my mum passed on when I was 5 years old. I really need this education to in future support my family as well. Please lend a hand.

Financially Needy
by: Tina

I am looking for a sponsor to help me complete my diploma. Please help me Joe!

I have sent my contacts.

Request for a educational finanacial sponsor
by: Mthokozisi Nkosi

I am here with a request for a educational financial sponsor to study SAMTRAC at NOSA, should you wish to assist please contact me.

Looking for Sponsorship
by: Mzura-Chima

I am a student enrolled with Chancellor College in Malawi pursuing a masters Degree in Education (Policy Planning and Leadership) who is need of sponsorship for the course.

Having worked for over 14 years as a teacher, I feel I need to take this course to advance my knowledge and be able to offer my services better as an educationist.

Financial Assistance Towards my Education
by: Naeem

Hi, I am a Final Year BSc Microbiology and Biochemistry student at University of KwaZulu Natal.

My reason for typing a comment of this nature is because I require your assistance towards my education.

I have all supporting documentation to prove my current position as a registered student at the above mentioned University, Please contact me should you be interested in helping me towards my Education.

Your contribution towards my eductaion would be greatly appreciated.

In Need of University Sponsorship
by: Progress

I completed secondary school last year and got good results.

Now am in need of financial assistance to study a bachelors degree in telecommunications engineering in my country or abroad so that I can pursue my dreams.

Thank you and God bless.

Requests for Sponsorship
by: Norah

My name is Norah, I would love to study a degree next year after I have just completed my diploma at Makerere University Business School.

I am doing well academically. Please email me or call me for information you may need as my sponsor.

I promise to make you very proud of me and will send you updates of my academic performances and any thing else that you may need.

Thank you and God bless you.

Financial Assistance for my Masters Degree in UK
by: Anjela

Hi Sponsor,

My Name is Anjela from Nairobi Kenya. I have an offer to study Master of Science International Hospitality and Tourism Management at Sheffield Hallam University from September and I am currently looking for a sponsor.

Kindly contact me at the contacts I have sent you at your contact form page.

Looking for Sponsor
by: Abigail Martinez

I am Abigail Martinez. Am 18 years old. From Philippines. I am a high school graduate and am not able to go to college.

I want to study but my family can't support me especially on finances.

I am also a volleyball player, but I stop playing since I stop my schooling. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

Sponsorship Request
by: Rose

I am a Kenyan student and I would like sponsorship to college due to lack of finances as my parents are not able to raise the money.

Am Requesting for Financial Aid
by: Mercy

Am female aged 26 years am looking for financial aid.

I was offered a course at college but I cannot afford it.

After my studies will get a job and pay back the money that will be spent on me.

Thank you so much.

Sponsor Please
by: Janet

I need help please in completing my university education.

Thanks in advance and may God bless you!

Financial Problem
by: Selina

I am looking for sponsor to pay for me and collect my certificate.

Requesting for Sponsership
by: Judy

I'm looking for a sponsor to assist me in my education.

Student Sponsorship - Searching For a Sponsor‎
by: Geleta

Why I am very interested to study in Master or PHD program is that since I do have a back ground in Business management and Business Administration (BA & MBA) and experiences on these field, I would like to apply and/or implement what I gained in my study and experience.

Then after so as to help my poor country particularly the rural people who account more than 80 % in my country and then increase their income and pull out from poverty.

In the mean time so as to develop and build my qualification to solve more problems.

More over studying business skills for developing countries is really a key in order to efficiently utilizes scarce resources and manages business to increase individual incomes in a sustainable manner and Ethiopian is a developing country that really wants professionals who are more skilled both in qualification and experience and hence studying professions like this absolutely adds something to solve problems in this regard.

Therefore If I get this opportunity, I will really very happy and of course my hope to join the university where I get a very good study and I expect that you will consider my application and motivation to join the scholarship hopefully.

Sponsership Request
by: Sheila

Am looking sponsorship assistance to study diploma in any country including my own country Kenya. I have sent my details.

Education Financing for MSc in Information Systems
by: Newton

Am pursuing MSC in Information System in a Kenyan university thus finding it hard to raise all the tuition fee.

Am looking for any financial support towards my education.

Financial Support for my Master's Degree in Education
by: Legson

I am studying at the university of Malawi Chancellor College for a master's degree in education (Policy, Planning and Leadership).

However, I am finding it extremely difficult to pay for the tuition as well as research work. May you assist me?

Am looking for Education Sponsorship.
by: David

Am looking for sponsorship assistance/finance to further my degree studies in my country or abroad.

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