World Communion International Scholarship

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The World Communion Scholarship Program is designed to enable the educational preparation of church and community leaders around the world so that they may serve in the mission of their churches and societies upon completion of their studies.

This is done through providing financial support to students in their master’s, doctoral or professional level studies at universities or seminaries.

Candidates are required to have the written support of their home conferences, and recipients should have the probability of offering 5 years of service to their churches and/or communities.

The objective of funding these individuals is to support the preparation of students who will return to their regions to work in the furtherance of Christian mission in the following prioritized areas of emphasis: elimination of poverty, expansion of global health, leadership development, or congregational development.

Due to the restrictions on scholarship funding and the high cost of education, we tend to prioritize students who are studying in their own regions.

The World Communion International Scholarship Program is highly selective with approximately 5 10 new international (non-US) recipients each year from around the world.

The scholarship range is approximately from $250 US – $12,500 US, depending on the student’s related needs and the school expenses.

The specific financial request must be substantiated by an official school budget submitted with the application form.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a World Communion International Scholarship, you must be:

  • A member of The United Methodist Church, or The Methodist Church, or a church or organization with which Global Ministries is in partnership;

  • Endorsed by your Annual Conference Scholarship Committee, or appropriate church leadership of one of the above-mentioned partners; this endorsement must come from your home conference or church;
  • Admitted to or have applied to a master’s, doctoral or professional-level study program in an institution of higher education; (this scholarship is not for students who are studying at the post-secondary level);
  • Able to demonstrate evidence of financial need. The following are not eligible to apply:

  • Global Ministries’ staff, directors, mission personnel, UMC bishops (active or retired), and family members of any of the above.
    For more information and application, visit: World Communion International Scholarship Website
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