World Association for Christian Communication

WACC promotes communication for social change. It believes that communication is a basic human right that defines people’s common humanity, strengthens cultures, enables participation, creates community and challenges tyranny and oppression.

WACC’s key concerns are media diversity, equal and affordable access to communication and knowledge, media and gender justice, and the relationship between communication and power.

It tackles these through advocacy, education, training, and the creation and sharing of knowledge.

WACC’s worldwide membership works with faith-based and secular partners at grassroots, regional and global levels, giving preference to the needs of the poor, marginalised and dispossessed.

Being WACC means ‘taking sides’.

WACC members receive news and information through its regular publications as well as occasional books, an annual report and other materials.

Regional associations also produce newsletters.

In addition, members are invited to participate in regional and global activities such as seminars, workshops and Congresses.

Membership is open to individuals, churches, church-related agencies and media producers, educational institutions, secular communication organisations and anyone else sympathetic to WACC’s mission

for more information and application visit: World Association for Christian Communication

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